In Paris sick COVID 19 will be accommodated in hotels

PARIS, 19 Jul – RIA Novosti. Coronavirus patients who are not able to stay home and not infect their families in the near future will place in Parisian hotels, said the mayor of the French capital, Anne Hidalgo.

“Paris and management of the city’s hospitals (AP-HP) will launch in the coming days the operation Covisan. Accor group offered us in Paris to provide accommodation in Barcelona. The idea is that people who test positive for COVID-19 could have a room in a Paris Department within two weeks i.e. at the time of the quarantine,” said Hidalgo in an interview with the newspaper Journal du dimanche.

She noted that the city authorities are working on this issue with two major Paris hospitals, Bichat and the Salpêtrière, and Avicenne hospital in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis.

“We were looking for availability in the area and launched this approach. When a positive test result and people can not stay at home without having to infect a family, we will offer him the opportunity to spend the quarantine in the hotel where he will receive medical supervision and support. Gradually this process will join other hospitals and areas. This project should help prevent the spread of the virus,” – said the mayor of Paris.

According to the latest data, the victims of the coronavirus in France was more than 19 thousand people. The number of confirmed cases of the disease in the country exceeds 111 thousand.

on Monday the President of France Emmanuel macron announced the extension of the isolation up to 11 may in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus. Strict restrictions on the movement of people operating in the country since March 17. In France, the closed cafes, restaurants, cinemas, museums, parks, stores, shops, schools.

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