As before explained in our Embassy in Paris, voting is open to all Russians, who are in France on a permanent or temporary basis.

Given that in France coronavirus remains a threat, although the epidemic here has seriously declined, all participants were encouraged to comply with preventive measures, including to come to the site in a medical mask.

it Should be noted that the Embassy prepared for this very important for our country day with great care, and health safety are ensured at the highest level.

– For this we are doing everything possible – shared with “RG” the Chairman of the precinct election Commission, counselor of the Embassy of the Russian Federation Artem Studennikov. – If voters do not intersect with each other, we made it so that they go one route and leave by another. All of our employees, of course, in masks and gloves. If necessary, have given people pens for voting, masks, if they came without their own. Moreover, our technical service every hour produces disinfection equipment – booths, installed at a considerable distance from each other, the boxes where the ballots are lowered, door handles.

According to Artem Studennikov among already voted there were many descendants of the emigrants found themselves in France after October 1917, and adopted Russian citizenship.

– including Maria Staroselsky-GeneCo, he said. Her father was a graduate of the page corps in St. Petersburg, and during the Second world war he took an active part in the Resistance, he headed a partisan detachment, which consisted of Russian immigrants, and participated in the liberation of Grenoble from the Nazis. Maria Ivanovna has recently received Russian citizenship and for the first time used their right to participate in such important for Russia the vote.

a Vote on the amendment to the Constitution is also held in the Consulate General of Russia in Strasbourg, Marseilles, in the office of the Consulate General in Villefranche-sur-Mer on the Cote d’azur.