Two and a half million rubles already spent the capital “Lenkom” Mark Zakharov, preparing to meet the audience in the new season. Observer “MK” personally inspected all areas of popular theater and saw that “red zones” here and there to go, say, on his Golden hits — “Juno” and “Avos” or “the Marriage of Figaro” — should not be afraid. And in General theatre from the sanitary point of view impeccable. But it seems that from the point of view of artistic development in the most popular theater in Moscow some major changes.

Inspection starting from the service entrance. The mask and hands under the sanitizer (left panel). Then immediately Balk at such broad and heavy transparent tape, which form a compact cabin, where disinfection of each incoming. The true name of gateway disinfection. Processing has no color and smell, and only by going beyond it and looking back you can see the swirling vapor. The guard on watch immediately offers me to go measure the temperature of the device is mounted on the wall next to the Bulletin Board and the press. It is enough to bring the wrist to the small screen to obtain your degree.

— 36,4 you — come, — said the guard.

the Struggle against harmful microbes, about which until recently we did not think, continues at the ladder, where there is a great new generation device — the recirculator.

— It has a capacity of 900 cubic metres, — explains to me mark Varshaver, after the departure of Mark Zakharov became Director of the “Lenkom”. Director he’s a model, no wonder he was elected head of the Directors ‘ box.

— These devices we have three: one here and two in the spectator area. To include them will be two hours prior to the start of the audience, to completely disinfect the room. After the beginning of the play they are rolled out of the hall, and starts processing foyer, pantry areas.

buffet under the new conditions of life is it going to work? Buffet — there is always the flea market: we all want to have time for the intermission to drink-to eat.

the people’s pantry will necessarily work, and our delicious ice cream will sell.

— And how the audience will enter the theater? Usually it’s a heavy flow, plus the time to check the tickets.

— This question is now bothering many of your colleagues. Viewers will skip at the main entrance via two bactericidal gateway. You went through this on our back door. And that’s not all: I purchased a hundred bactericidal devices — they are already placed in all the dressing rooms in every office, acting in the canteen, all of the bathrooms.

What price of theatrical combat COVID-19?

— Already spent 2.5 million extrabudgetary funds. For example, these devices that will stand in the hall, each worth of 500 thousand rubles. Each gateway 400 000 plus a special fluid for it: PYA��and liters is enough for 3-5 days. All the staff handed out masks and gloves.

— Now with caution, you can make plans. Nevertheless, what first premiere of the show “Lenkom”?

— We are ready to meet the audience with three Ministers. “Trap” — play, which after the departure of Mark Anatolevicha, released by people’s artist of Russia Alexander Zakharov. In the new season and we have all of the performances will be on two squads. Rejuvenation of performers is a precondition for forward movement theatre Mark Zakharov.

You want to say that “Juno” or “Le Figaro” will also introduce new artists? The public buys tickets to their Pets playing in different performances.

— all will have the second part. I’ve now invited five graduates of the Shchukin school — I saw it in the senior play “Crime and punishment” in the course of Vladimir Ivanov. The role of Conchita will play Katya Ryabova is a young artist who sings, moves and we think it will be a bomb.

who will count Rezanova? — I asked cautiously.

— In the role of count Rezanova — Dmitry Volkov, tall, handsome, musical, he was the son of a wonderful actor evrazovskogo Malaya Bronnaya, alas, already gone, Nikolai Volkov.