the Building known as the mansion of the Berries, return the historical view. Consent for the restoration of Moscow’s Department issued.

the Building is situated in Milyutinskiy pereulok, 9/1. It is a monument of Soviet constructivism, where until the 1960-ies lived the NKVD, including one of the main leaders of the Soviet security organs – Genrikh Yagoda.

the House was built in 1927-1928 years on the instructions of the Presidium of the Moscow city Council near the NKVD building on Lubyanka square. There are only nine apartments. It was a respectable five – and four-room apartments with spacious rooms, dining rooms and bathrooms for the departmental chiefs. With them side by side small office space for security, drivers and servants.

According to the recollections of colleagues of Henry Berry, in his apartment often arranged lush Lunches and dinners for the employees of the security organs. In addition to the Berries, known tenants in different years were revolutionaries and Soviet government officials Artur Artuzov, Terenty Deribas, Meer Trilisser, and others. Now in the former apartments of the NKVD offices.

Although the building was originally designed as an apartment, from the outside it looks like a mansion. The composition of the house has strict symmetry, its stress projections and elongated vertical window openings. The main entrance has a slender straight round columns on the sides wide stairs where under the canopy you can see one of the landmarks of constructivism is the round window. While some bourgeois of the structure gives an archway in the Northern part of the building, as well as a semicircular balcony ledges on the main facade, typical of art Nouveau.

“the House in Milyutinsky lane is one of the brightest works by Soviet architect Arkady Langman, – says the head of the Department of cultural heritage of Moscow Alexey Emelyanov. – The building has the status of an object of cultural heritage of regional significance, all works will take place at the agreed earlier with the project and under the supervision of specialists of the Ministry. The restoration of a historic building is scheduled for completion before the end of August 2021.”

During the restoration specialists have to return the façade to its original appearance, including color, and the house they were painted in ochre. Plastic Windows replaced wooden disassemble modern metal awnings and lattice. As well as recreate a historical view of the stairs of the main entrance, finished her granite.

Recall that this year began the restoration of the cinema “Rodina” in the near future will start at the mansion of merchants Markov on the Karetny Ryad, where almost 20 years lived the famous Director Konstantin Stanislavsky. Approved the project of restoration of the House of journalists on Nikitsky BoulevardAt the beginning of the XX century there read their poems Vladimir Mayakovsky, Sergei Yesenin, Demian Poor and Alexander Blok. And in 1941 from the Moscow Domjur journalists went to the front.


In the capital since 2011, has restored more than 1,400 objects of cultural heritage, of which 203 last year.