the day in the capital identified 1436 cases COVID-19. This was reported in the operational headquarters on control and monitoring of the situation with coronavirus in Moscow.

41% of new patients are men aged 18 to 45 years old, 31.7 percent — from 46 to 65 years, to 11.9 percent, from 66 to 79 years of age, 4.9% were older than 80 years. 10.5% among the patients are children. All patients and contacts people are under medical observation.

in Moscow, to date, recorded 201 221 cases of novel coronavirus infection.

may 27 all Muscovites can get free testing for the presence of antibodies to COVID-19. For this you need to pre-register for donating blood. View full list of clinics performing analysis on the website of the Department of health of the city.

Special preparation for blood donation is not needed. You must have only the mandatory medical insurance policy and passport. The resulting analysis will show whether the ill person coronavirus infection and he has started to develop immunity, it hurts there now (perhaps asymptomatic) or not. The results will be available in the electronic medical record.

a New stage of removal of restrictions: what has changed since June 1, Moscow gradually removes the restrictions on coronavirus

Despite the fact that the city is gradually returning to its usual pace of life, it is necessary to observe a mask mode. You should also wear gloves and observe social distance in public places.

to Learn more about the prevention of coronavirus and methods of struggle with them by phone of hot line:, as well as in special projects