In Moscow outpatient clinics is continuing the campaign for the early diagnosis of common cancers. For several years in the capital hold shares in oncoscience, this procedure is used by all more Muscovites. Only during the first week of the screening programme on the diagnosis recorded 11 627 people.

Pass oncoming you until the end of August. This requires on the website of the Department of health to choose one of 66 local clinics, call the telephone number and make an appointment. Depending on the sex and age of the patient he will be offered the necessary research.

to participate in the program residents from Moscow the policy of obligatory medical insurance (OMS). It along with the passport you need to bring to the clinic.

the Program includes the most informative studies. Women aged 18 to 39 years have an ultrasound examination (ultrasound) of the breast, over 40 years a mammogram. Women over the age of 18 will be asked to pass on Cytology smear for diagnosis of cervical disease, and men over 45 years of age — blood test for prostate-specific antigen (PSA). In addition, patients older than 40 years are invited to pass a stool for occult blood.

to Find out the results in the electronic medical record in the application “SYSTEM.INFO”. If necessary, additional studies with patients communicates and directs the doctor for further diagnosis.

Patient branch № 1 city polyclinic № 62 Lyudmila Artamonov said that regularly is in the process of oncoscience for prevention: “It’s painless, quick and very well organized. All the tests take less than 40 minutes.”

Oncoming — absolutely free procedure. Studies take very little time. Urethral swab by a gynecologist — five to seven minutes, ultrasound for about 10 minutes, mammography — less than 15 minutes.

“Oncoscreen is very important because identifying the disease at early stages has a positive effect on the healing process, the dynamics and further observation. 95 percent of patients in whom the disease was discovered early, can be completely cured. The trend of recent years shows that the younger generation is interested in a healthy lifestyle. It responds well to such actions, is actively being written to, is research. We are pleased that young people in advance take care of their health because it is the gene pool of our country, the health of our nation,” said Paul Molodov.

the staff of the clinics adhere to the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor for preventing the spread of coronavirus infection. Input patients have fever, everywhere there are sanitizer, required to wear masks and gloves. In the premises of the markings to comply with social distance. If the patient has no means of self-protection, they will be given in the clinic. People with temperature pass through a private entrance and air filter box, they do not overlap with the healthy patients.

As Paul told Molotov, the analysis of research results using modern technology and even artificial intelligence: “for Example, take the x-ray beam diagnostics. There is a single radiology information service (RICE), where all data is x-ray radiology. The system detects minor changes in the picture, regardless of whether it is mammography, chest x-ray or lung CT scan. The system helps eliminate the human factor, it checks the results after the doctor.”

If the system detects any deviations, it reports this to the doctor, then the patient is sent to the hospital for further examination.