and there Are senior officials and heads of state agencies, including the Chairman of the Council of the Republic Natalia Kochanova, head of the presidential administration Igor Sergeenko, the Minister of internal Affairs Yury Karaeu.

the Minister had time to talk with reporters. He once again said that mass protests can be held only with the approval of local authorities, the only way to ensure the safety of their members, to avoid stampede and loss of life. The Minister also assured that all cases of violence and abuse of power by the police, the Ministry of internal Affairs will verify after the stabilization of the situation in the country.

“In all cases will be dealt with. Not now, but when everything calms down,” said Qarayev.

it is Worth noting that the Pro-government campaign started with more than an hour delay. The first presentations were made by the Deputy of the lower chamber of Parliament Gennady Davydko. In his words, “the homeland is in danger”.

“We respect the choice of those who do not think like us, but we want to respect our choice. We want to be friends with all countries, we don’t want clashes on the streets of our cities. We want to love our children, and not to argue with them about politics,” he was quoted by the Agency TASS.

the Preparations for the rally began in the morning. Around the square were installed metal fences. Traffic in this area is limited. The transport is routed to the detour. The nearest metro station is “Lenin Square” was closed for entry and exit. On duty reinforced police patrols.

As noted by RIA Novosti, this is the first action in support of Lukashenko after the elections and with the beginning of the protests disagree with their conclusions. As stated by the organizers, the meeting will gather “all those who cherish the Motherland, who are against division of the country into two opposing camps”.