In Madrid will close a temporary morgue in the ice Palace

The authorities of Madrid has announced plans to close a temporary mortuary at the ice Palace, which was opened in connection with a large number of victims of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

"This is very good news. Last week we closed in Majadahonda and this week will do the same in Madrid", – said the head of government of the community of Madrid Isabel díaz Also at a press conference.

At the peak of the epidemic of the coronavirus regional authorities had to organize temporary morgue on the ice rink at the ice Palace in Madrid, on the indoor rink in the suburbs of Madrid, Majadahonda and in the building intended for the Institute of forensic medical examination in City of justice. A week ago a temporary morgue in Majadahonda was closed.

Thus, remains applicable only morgue in the City of justice.

A total of three temporary morgue during the time their work was taken 1,785 bodies of the dead from coronavirus COVID-19, including 1145 in the Ice Palace of Madrid.

In addition, earlier in the exhibition center Ifema, where in the midst of the epidemic was deployed a temporary hospital was closed one of the pavilions, taking infected COVID-19, in connection with the reduction in the number of patients. According to Ayuso, the second pavilion will run until may.

Since the beginning of the epidemic and on April 20 in the community of Madrid, there were almost 57 thousand cases of infection, died of 7.3 thousand people.

Spain is now in third place in the number of victims (after the US and Italy) and second in the number of identified cases COVID-19 (after the US). Since the epidemic began and 20 April in the country, died 20 852 persons who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 identified 200 210 cases of infection. The growth in the number of victims and new cases in recent years has slowed.

A high alert was introduced in Spain on March 14 and was extended twice, the last time until April 26. Prime Minister Pedro sánchez announced that he intends to ask Parliament to extend until may 9, inclusive, while from April 27 will be relaxed restrictions on the walking of children.