Dominican Republic became the first country in Latin America, where, after start of the pandemic coronavirus elections are held. Today it is who will be the new President. Originally the vote was scheduled for 17 may, but then, according to the CEC decision, postponed to 5 July.

However, to hold the elections in a more relaxed atmosphere, it didn’t help that the day before in the Dominican Republic have set a new record of the disease in the country were identified 1036 new cases of coronavirus. Thus, the total number of infected exceeded 36 thousand people. When the CEC took its decision, was sick much less.

the failure of the authorities to cope with the situation determines the mood of the voters. Surveys show that their preference they give Louis Abinader, the representative of the Modern revolutionary party, founded just six years ago. He managed to recover COVID-19, which brings him additional sympathy of the population. It is ready to support up to 53 percent of respondents.

the President also claims Gonzalo Castillo of the Dominican liberation party (his preferences are given to about 35 percent of respondents) and the current head of state Leonel Fernandez (despite the fact that three times he became President, now he is ready to vote, only about 12 percent of respondents). Three candidate Guillermo Moreno, Juan Cohen and Ismael Reyes – are far behind the leaders.

If the voting results will not differ from the results of the polls, the new President will be elected at the end of the first round.

As recalled by Prensa Latina, today also choose a Vice-President, Senator, and 32 of 190 deputies. To take part in the vote can 7.5 million people. The polls will be open from 7.00 am to 17.00 local time.