A couple of Kamyshin with four Chicks met at the Lebedyansky pond in the nature Park "Moscow". This was stated by representatives of the Department of natural resources and environmental protection of the capital.

"the Experts of natural-historical Park "Moscow" HPBW "Mospeada" of the urban center took video of waterfowl from the red book of Moscow – moorhen" – it is specified on the portal of the mayor and the city government.

Experts Masriadi said that the moorhen over the last few years seen in the natural-historical parks "Kuzminki-Lublin", "the Moskva", "Kosinski," "Ostankino". In addition, these birds could be observed on the territory of the nature monument "Silver wood".

There are still birds and four long fingers on strong legs. Thanks to them, they can climb on the floating plants, and marshes.

While the Ministry warned that the moorhen is a secretive and shy, the result of to find her is not easy. These birds feed on both plant and animal food.

Earlier in Moscow was seen a red dragonfly-beautiful. In a press-service of the Department noted that the rare insects eat larvae and small aquatic worms.