In Italy have developed an application against the spread of coronavirus

On the territory of the Apennines will be operational shortly as a special application officially approved by the Italian government at the end of the competition, which will help the authorities to counter the spread of the pandemic, according to Il Foglio.

the Working title of the app is literally translated as “Having immunity” (Immuni). It is created by Bending Spoons with the medical center Santagostino.

“Having immunity” will keep track of those with whom he came into contact with the owner of the smartphone. Moreover, the user shall give prior consent to the processing of personal data.

it is Noted that the application will not be mandatory and will be performed voluntarily. However, when the citizen is being tested for coronavirus, the health worker must be concerned, does his patient. The doctor, who will be another application that needs to provide the citizen with a generated code. With its help, the patient can upload data collected Immuni, to the server, including anonymous list of people with whom he crossed paths. To the operation was safe, the download should be in the cloud. Then the cloud server will have to calculate the risk of infection with coronavirus for each identifier on the basis of criteria such as physical proximity and duration of contact. Subsequently, the server generates a list of the most at-risk users who will receive a notification to your smartphone.

the Second function application Immuni – a clinical diary, in which each user requests information: age, sex, presence of previous diseases and medication. These data have to be updated regularly.

it is Expected that in the next few weeks before it spread among the population new app will be tested at the factory Ferrari. According to experts, “Having immunity” can only benefit if it will download 60 percent of the population of the Apennines (36 million people).