Doctors of the city clinical hospital (GKB) named after V. V. Veresaeva introduced the minimal invasive technique for the treatment of hallux valgus.

hallux Valgus in adults is a common orthopedic pathology, which manifests itself in the curvature of the big toe inward. This is a cosmetic defect and the cause of many inconveniences. Foot shape is changed — the person is in pain and can’t wear the usual shoes.

surgical treatment of this pathology in the clinical hospital of a name of V. V. Veresaeva is made through tiny incisions on the skin size up to three millimeters with the help of unique tools with a size of about two millimeters. This allows to effectively handle the bone and not compromise the integrity of the surrounding soft tissues, blood vessels and nerves. This technique is the most safe for the body. The procedure is performed under x-ray control.

with this technique the patient in the postoperative period significantly decreases pain, increases range of motion in the joints, and subsequently left minimal scars. The patient may stand on the first day after surgery. And in four weeks he can resume his career. After three months there is a complete recovery, the patient can exercise.

make an Appointment with the doctor traumatologist-orthopedist in the Advisory-diagnostic center telephone: +7 (499) 231-31-18. Specialist receives from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00.

minimally Invasive methods of treatment of hallux valgus stop is also used in the center of the foot surgery of the city clinical hospital named after S. S. Yudin. Operations are carried out in the framework of high-tech medical aid under policy OMS.

In the hospital named Yudina to open center for specialized surgical care In hospital of a name of V. V. Veresaeva center opened diabetic foot