according to the publication, on the website of the armed forces of Germany there is a vacancy of a pilot military drones. “You have remote control of unmanned aircraft. Your cabin is located on the ground station, which forms a single system with the drone and other devices. Control is via high-tech radio / satellite communication. You make a decision on safe and efficient flying” – so described this is very attractive for professionals to work. However, it is possible that later they will “kill with a joystick”.

In the agreement of the ruling coalition said: “We categorically reject contrary to international law the killings, including by drones”. However, the Minister of defence of Germany Annegret Kramp-of Karrenbauer wants to change the approach, says DW. During the December visit to Afghanistan, she stated that they are ready to meet numerous requests of officials of the mission about how to arm the drones.

This statement has caused widespread outcry and a flurry of angry responses. Then the CDU and the SPD proposed to postpone the discussion of a delicate question for an indefinite period. And today, may 11, the inspector General of the Bundeswehr Eberhard Zorn presents his arguments in defense of the new concept. Categorically against “Left” and “Green”.

By the way, in 2012 the head of the Ministry of defense of Germany, Thomas de Maiziere defended the use of “ethically neutral weapons” on Board the drone, along with electronic intelligence. “Just the planes, why not drones?” – told the Minister. The lawyers say that in this case, the remote pilots of the drones will be responsible for the use of precision weapons that can be restricted by national and international humanitarian law. It is possible that with each sortie, which is different from the classic combat operations, require the presence of a legal officer.

According to Ulrike Franke, an expert on military technology in the European Council on foreign relations, in recent years seven countries, the EU has procured or developed its own model of armed drones. However, their use is stalling because of the extremely negative experience of the United States. As you know, a us drone strike has often led to the deaths of civilians in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. By the way, about the danger of “effect of joystick” wrote a group of American soldiers in the letter even the name of Barack Obama.