In Dubai looking for cases using the smart helmets

Police in the UAE to use a "smart" hats c infra-red cameras and facial recognition technology to identify people with symptoms of diseases, which can indicate COVID-19, told the Emirati newspaper Khaleej Times.

"Helmets can at a distance of five meters to scan the temperature from 200 people per minute, giving a signal if the observations are people with (high – ed) temperature. Such helmets are provided to all police stations in Dubai and the station for patrol, whose employees participate in inspections at subway stations and bus stations", – said the publication.

Video demonstration of police work, equipped with such a helmet, also posted in Instagram of the Deputy chief of Dubai police dhahi Khalfan. The video shows how a police officer standing away from the bus stop in a black helmet, use it to scan facing her people.

The number of identified cases of coronavirus UAE are in second place among the six countries of the Persian Gulf. On Friday, the Ministry of health UAE tweeted information that the country in recent days revealed 525 new cases, cumulative number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic exceeded 9.2 thousands, died at 64.