– Today, thanks to the joint efforts of government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, international organizations, volunteers and activists of medicines imported to the Republic in the right amount. The needs of medical institutions and chemist’s networks are fully met, – noted in the Department.

According to DLO, from the beginning of 2020 in the CD supplied medicines and medical products worth more than 14 billion soms. Of these, 2.1 billion spent on buying drugs to combat coronavirus.

– speaking of the latter, in Bishkek today there is no shortage of these medicines. In pharmacies there are enough antibiotics, antiplatelet agents and anticoagulants, – explained in the Department.

it is Worth noting that in recent days, social networks have become much fewer messages from people of Kyrgyzstan, who are looking for any medications or medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators, for treating COVID-19. The situation is improving with the provision of places seriously ill patients in hospitals. According to Ministry of health, today there are over a thousand available beds in 15 hospitals of the capital.

According to official figures, have stabilized and the prices of medicines. Earlier in the State service on combating economic crimes (GSBEP) CU addressed Kyrgyzstan revolted increase several times the cost of conventional antiviral drugs. And not always they can be found in pharmacies, but online they are sold.

while the security forces were forced to take drastic measures. In Bishkek detained several people, selling scarce drugs with it, and is much more expensive than in pharmacies. Against representatives of at least three pharmaceutical companies initiated a criminal case. However, it is still unclear what the outcome of those investigations.

meanwhile, the DLO assured the public that work on the full security of the Republic all the necessary drugs will continue. In August, the country will deliver about 100 thousand packings of heparin – one of the most popular drugs used to treat complications from COVID-19. In addition, the expected delivery of azithromycin, Ceftriaxone, ascorbic acid, paracetamol and other medicines.


the Ministry of health of the Kyrgyz Republic in connection with the pandemic coronavirus will reconsider its plans for the purchase of vaccine. The Agency decided to buy more than I meant to initially. br>

As said Ainagul Otorbaeva, a representative of the Department of disease prevention and sanitary inspection Ministry of health, a tender was held and a written contract for the purchase of more than 111 thousand doses of vaccine. “Given the situation with coronavirus and the expected second wave, ed��cover ed application for purchase of more than 700 million doses,” she said. br>

According to Ainagul Otorbaeva, with the early cold snap recorded growth of acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) – parainfluenza, rhinovirus, an adenovirus, and others. Most of them transferred to a more mild form than the flu, but severe in children with poor immunity, people over 65 and those with chronic disease. Therefore, for the prevention of SARS the Ministry of health annually procures influenza vaccine.

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