to the Day of Russia “Tommy Hilfiger” together with the Foundation named after Miklukho-Maklai presents a selection of documentaries about the outstanding Russian traveller, humanist and scientist Nicholas miklouho-Maclay and the his legacy. Viewers will learn about the tribes of the Papuans and their acquaintance with civilization, life in Australia and New Guinea, the discoveries of explorers in Oceania.

the Program will be available from June 12 on the website of “Moschino” in the “house Moschino”.

In the documentary, filmed in 2019, tells the story of Nicholas miklouho-Maclay in his amazing discoveries in New Guinea, life in Russia and Australia. On the legacy he left as an ethnographer and anthropologist, told by the descendants of the Papuans who first saw the white man, “the man in the moon.” The keynote of the picture was a modern expedition Ashore Maclay, headed by a descendant of puteshestvennika and his namesake Nicholas.

In the movie viewers learn about the historic visit in 2018 — the arrival in Russia of the group of natives of Papua New Guinea, discovering the homeland of the great Russian scientist and humanist Nikolai miklouho-Maclay, who in the late nineteenth century, several scientific expeditions to the island of New Guinea. In the journey to St. Petersburg and Moscow guests will also be accompanied by a descendant and namesake of the traveler Nikolai Miklukho-Maclay, Jr.

Short lentolaivue the fact that the Russian names of geographical features are in any corner of the planet. Including Oceania, insular world with which Russia has historical and scientific context, more than two hundred years. History of the study of this region by domestic mariners starts from St. Petersburg, it impresses with its scale. Only one of Oceania was discovered more than 70 geographical features that have received Russian names.

the Director Nikolai Miklukho-Maclay, Jr.

Nikolai Miklukho-Maklai — Russian ethnographer, anthropologist, biologist and Explorer, who studied the indigenous population of South-East Asia, Australia and Oceania, including the Papuans of the northeast coast of New Guinea, called the Maclay Coast.

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