outpatient CT centers established on the basis of city outpatient clinics for evaluation of patients with suspected coronavirus, has spent more than 180 thousand a CT-scan of the chest. Reported by Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for social development.

a CT scan in the diagnosis of novel coronavirus infection reveals the complications of an infection early and quickly begin treatment or if there are indications to hospitalize the patient. The CT centers are closed for scheduled visits and medical assistance to patients temporarily turns the other branches of the medical organization.

In Moscow actively used artificial intelligence technology to diagnose coronavirus. Loading the CT on your work computer, doctors can see a preliminary conclusion, made with the help of artificial intelligence technologies. The study with symptoms of viral pneumonia are highlighted in red, and directly on the image of the lungs marked by a zone of possible defeat.

in addition, in the Moscow CT centers the specialists formed a unique set of CT images of patients with coronavirus. It contains thousands of fully de-identified image sets. These data are freely available and can be used for developing different services based on artificial intelligence.

Outpatient CT centers for the diagnosis of patients with SARS, community-acquired pneumonia and suspected novel coronavirus infection have been deployed on the basis of city polyclinics in mid-April at the suggestion of the clinical Committee. In addition to the advice of a doctor and a lung CT scan, these centers have performed more tests: General blood test, an ECG, a pulse oximetry, a fence of smears on novel coronavirus infection.This approach allows not only to diagnose the presence of pneumonia, but to determine its nature. In all, the city worked 48 CT centers. In connection with the improvement of epidemiological situation, with 12 of them after a thorough disinfection has already returned to planned patients in all directions. If necessary, CT and MRI in clinics will be conducted around the clock.

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