Ms Maxwell (59) has denied that she groomed underage girls to abuse by Jeffrey Epstein in 1994 and 2004.

Later Monday, her lawyers will present their closing arguments.

If convicted of sex trafficking or perjury, Ms Maxwell could spend up to 80 years behind bars.

Defense attorneys maintain that she is the government’s scapegoat for Epstein’s crimes. Epstein was her ex-boyfriend and business associate.

Epstein committed suicide in jail in 2019, while he waited for his federal sex trafficking trial.

The jury will begin deliberations on Monday after closing arguments. Her fate could be decided by the jury on her 60th birthday, which is Christmas Day.

Alison Moe, Assistant US Attorney, claimed that Ms Maxwell was “key” to the entire operation in a New York City Court on Monday.

“Ghislaine Maxwell could be dangerous. She said that Maxwell was a mature woman who preyed upon vulnerable children. It is time to hold her responsible.

Ms Moe said it was not an accident that many of the victims were from troubled backgrounds with similar stories about abuse.

It happened repeatedly. This is strong evidence that Maxwell is guilty.”

Friday’s testimony was withdrawn by Ms Maxwell, who stated to the judge that the allegations against her were not proven.

She stated, “The government hasn’t proven the case beyond reasonable doubt so there is no need to me testify.”

Her lawyers claimed that her accusers were prone to “[lapses] in] memory, manipulation, and money”. They sought to find discrepancies between the accounts of abuse and official records.

Over two days of testimony, nine witnesses were called. One of them was a cognitive psychologist who testified to the possibility that people can reconstruct “false memories” of trauma events.

Two dozen witnesses were called by prosecutors earlier this month to provide testimony. They constructed a narrative that Ms Maxwell was a predator who created a “pyramid scheme for abuse” with Epstein.

Four of the four accusers stood. Four of the accusers claimed that Ms Maxwell was involved in the setting up and demonstration of massages, as well as taking part in sexual acts with Epstein.

Reams of previously unseen photos, flight logs, and documents were also made available by the government to “link” the two as “partners-in-crime”.

Judge Alison Nathan stated that the jury would be instructed by Alison Nathan to decide whether they will convict Ms Maxwell in a weekend hearing. If they find out that she “consciously avoided” or ignored Epstein’s underage sexual encounters, they could choose to convict her.

The lawyers for Ms Maxwell dismissed the move as “some kind of backup option” in the event that the jury doesn’t find her active participation.

Since her July 2020 arrest, Ms Maxwell, a socialite and the daughter of a British media tycoon, has been in the US without bail.