the Canadian immigration service issued a warning for American citizens. If the person is not a canadian citizen, a permanent resident and not considered the closest family member (or plans to stay in Canada for less than 15 days), it is necessary to prove the importance of the trip to Canada. In this case, “You also have to prove that you have no symptoms COVID-19, and you have a plan for quarantine,” – said in warning.

According to sociological researches, more than 80% of Canadians advocate that American neighbors do not come to Canada earlier than 2021, due to the fact that the pandemic coronavirus in the United States continues to grow at an alarming rate. The majority of Canadians believe that the travel ban should last even longer, evidenced by a recent BBC poll. Fear of American travelers who “import” the coronavirus in Canada, led to the fact that some citizens began to tell the police about cars with American plates, as well as to insult their owners and passengers, reports Business Insider.

the Border between the United States and Canada has been closed since March 31, when two countries have banned all non-essential travel between them to slow the spread of the coronavirus. This decision has been extended several times. The border closure was only part of a successful national canadian efforts to prevent a pandemic, while the number of confirmed cases and deaths in the United States continues to grow.

As the correspondent of the New York Times Karen Schwartz, some Canadians have even turned into “civilian investigators” trying to figure out the Americans, entering through the closed border. Having dual citizenship of the United States and Canada, the journalist was allowed to travel from Colorado to Alberta to visit his father, provided that she will go to a two-week quarantine. According to her, Canadians now regularly report to the police about the citizens of America, and she received a warning that the license plates Colorado in her car can make the car a target for vandalism. “In addition to fear of getting sick, this stress is to Park your car with American plates and hope that no one will notice,” wrote Schwartz on his trip.

we will Remind that last week it became known about plans of the White house to impose a ban on entry to US citizens and holders of U.S. residency to curb the increasing cases of coronavirus. Us media reported that this proposal will affect people suspected of contact with virus carriers or infected by the deadly infection. The ban involves using the authority of the public health for legal empowerment of the US administration. Proposed rule forwill touch at all points of entry, including airports and the border with Canada and Mexico, with whom the White house in June has signed the Treaty on deepening trade cooperation, the successor to the NAFTA – the free trade agreement between the three countries. It entered into force on 1 January 1994 and was terminated with the signing of a new agreement.