Friday was by far the most successful day in the political life of the incumbent. The Federal Supreme court of Brazil, addressed to the General Prosecutor’s petition for the three opposition parties on the examination of the personal smartphones of the President Aira of Bolsonaro and his son, Carlos, the Deputy of the municipal Assembly of Rio de Janeiro. Their correspondence on WhatsApp, according to the opposition, may contain information supporting the allegations about the intervention of the President in the course of a corruption investigation by the Federal police in relation to his sons.

His assessment of the likelihood of transfer of phone to the investigating authorities of Air Bolsonaro expressed in his usual manner in an interview with youth radio Jovem Pan:

“Wait. Judge of the Supreme court wants the phone of the President, who maintains contact with some world leaders, because false news? It’s a joke,” said the President, adding. “They think I’m a mouse to give your phone in these conditions?”

the fate of the presidential smartphone should be resolved in the near future the General Prosecutor of Brazil Augusto Aras.

the Second blow from the Supreme Federal court Air of Bolsonaro received later. At the direction of judge Celso de Melo on Friday, a video was published of the meeting of the government on April 22. On it head of state, without mincing words, speaks about intentions to interfere in the work of departments, among them those that lead the investigation in respect of his two sons. This meeting, headed by the President was the basis of the charges of the former Minister of justice sérgio Moro.

“I Have powers and I’m going to intervene in all ministries without exception,” – said the President. “I can’t be caught off guard by the news. I have a Federal police, which does not give me information.”

During his presentation, Bolsonaro explicitly stated that attempts to interfere in the work of some departments he has worked in the past, but they were based only on the desire to protect his family.

“This is low to me and my family to get me. I have tried to change our security in Rio de Janeiro officially, but I couldn’t! Over. I can’t wait to see someone harmed my family or my friends because I can’t change someone from security who belongs to our structure. Will change! If you can’t change it, change it boss. You can’t change his boss? Change of Minister! And to the point! We’re not here to play”.

the day after that meeting, the government left him the most popular Minister – a symbol of the fight against corruption – Sergio Moro. He made a number of statements to respond to that given their broad exposure in the media was impossible. The attorney General was forced to start proceedings for the voicedm Moreau facts.

a Bone in the throat of Bolsonaro was already a former head of the Federal police Mauricio Valasu, who personally monitored the progress of corruption investigations against the sons of the President: the Senator Flavio and municipal Deputy Carlos.

But will this scandal to the impeachment of Zaire Bolsonaro, hard to predict. The President is the army that has a very strong position in Brazilian political life. It supports a third of the population. In addition, there are few politicians willing to take the country in its current form with the health system on the verge of collapse and bruised economy, which is unlikely to have time to recover before the next presidential election.