BELGRADE, 3 Dec – RIA Novosti. The ban on entry into Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) the Russian military experts to help in the fight against coronavirus infection COVID-19 is the politicization of the issue and the act of Russophobia, said a member of the BiH presidency from the Serb Milorad Dodik.

MIA big Friday not let the convoy across the border experts of the defense Ministry, which at the invitation of the head of the House of peoples of the parliamentary Assembly of BiH Dragan Covic went to help in the fight against coronavirus in one of the entities (regions) of the Federation of BiH, stating that this issue is in the competence of the Presidium (the collective head of state) of BiH.

the BiH presidency composed of a representative of Croatia Zeljko Komšić, Bosniaks (Slavic Muslims) Shafika of Dzaferovic and Serbs Milorad Dodik. The relationship between the members of the governing body difficult. Member of the BiH presidency from the Bosniaks Sepik Dzaferovic said Sunday that big she can cope with the disinfection, thereby gave to understand that Russia’s assistance is not needed.

“the Response to the request Covic on assistance to Russia is a politicization of the issue, it obviously is a constant Russophobia bosnacki politicians, who for years supported foreign “prompters” and the lobby. So they, unfortunately, prevented the arrival of more than the necessary assistance to Mostar”, – told reporters the Serbian member of the BiH presidency.

“we Know that Russia was ready to send its specialists to Sarajevo and other parts of the FBiH, if they sent a request for help. Stiff resistance to the arrival of the Russian humanitarian team in BiH said that we are talking about the gesture of the closed society for them,” said Dodik.

He also noted that earlier a lot more affluent States, such as Italy, willingly accepted Russian aid against COVID-19.

the defense Ministry on April 9-10, three Il-76 transferred to one of the parts of the country – the Republika Srpska big group of military doctors and specialists in disinfection to aid in the fight against COVID-19. For their actions they were awarded by the President of the RS Jelly Cvijanovic.

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