New telecommunications centre, capable of serving the telephone line and provide Internet access for residents and businesses, officially opened in Aleppo in Syria. As reported by the Director of the state telecommunications company in Syria, Munir Abed, the new centre will be able to provide reliable communication to subscribers in the city.

"We built from scratch a communication center. Now we can connect 20 thousand fixed telephone lines, and fiber optic Internet channels. We were able to close out any of your telecommunications needs of the region into a significant prospect," he said at the opening ceremony.

In the lobby of the building, restored after the war, opened a small Museum, which presents a rare telephones, old Telegraph Aleppo. In the same lobby, and feature a photo exhibition pictures which show how the building was after the fighting and how he was able to restore specialists.

Despite imposed on Syria sanctions, which the country is deprived of the ability to import sophisticated technical products for the center managed to get the most modern equipment. Possible to provide in the city reliable and uninterrupted communication specialists mounted the equipment around the clock.

"We thank our Russian friends for help – without it, nothing would have happened. But we are very pleased that the entire installation of very sophisticated equipment has produced our technicians – we worked even at night to do everything on schedule, was very tired, the installation lasted almost nine months. And here – everything works", – said the Director of the telecommunication center Ahmed Hasna.

Armed conflict in Syria lasts since 2011. The largest Syrian city of Aleppo managed to release in 2016. It was badly damaged in the war, many buildings and attractions have been destroyed or damaged. Aleppo was an industrial capital of Syria, but because of the conflict most of his enterprises have ceased to work.