Based in Tripoli, the internationally recognized government of Libya has issued a new statement about the presence of fighters of the Russian private military companies (PMCs). According to representatives of the Libyan National oil Corporation, presumably mercenaries took control of the world’s largest field Sharara in the South-West of Libya. In the Network appeared the photo, allegedly of Russian mercenaries, who were seen on the way to the fields Sharara.

Information about what the Russian private military companies are involved in the civil war in Libya – the theme in the Western media is constant. Politicians in the USA and Europe report: PMCs Russians are fighting on the side of the Libyan Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot against the forces of a recognized government West of the country. Local residents repeatedly failed to remove the armed men of European appearance who were seen near the Libyan front line, but no official proof of this information has not been presented.

According to the Libyan government in Tripoli, mercenaries are the basis of the troops of the Haftarot. In addition, they guard the transportation and trade of oil resources in the country. According to the official statement of the Libyan National oil Corporation (NOC), under the control of “Russian mercenaries” allegedly passed the country’s largest oil field, al-Sharara in the South-West of the country. The statements of the officials supported by the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, which, however, did not provide any evidence of this information. However, American diplomats have demanded that mercenaries immediately release the oil area.

People in uniform, allegedly, mercenaries from private military companies – captured on video residents of the city of Birak, a hundred kilometers from the oil fields Sharara. On video unknown go to one of the local shops, sit pickup and leave. The authors of the video claim that the video managed to capture the “Russian mercenaries” who operate in the area.