President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko asked the opposition not to insult him and not to underestimate the ranking among the population of the Republic on the background of the forthcoming elections.

Lukashenko on Monday visited Brest, where he met with local opposition. The corresponding video placed Telegram-channel "Pool of the first".

"If you have any problems you present. Listen but me no one will, and (except) the power that is today. It’s you "Sasha 3%" is already written on the shirts. But you at least believe that the incumbent President three percent (ranking among the Belarusians)? Yes, here in this alternative of the company (pointed to standing next to) and I more than three you gain. Therefore it is not necessary to pull us. And never insult", – said Lukashenko.

"Wusaty cockroach" (mustachioed cockroach), something else. I am still the incumbent President in any country is not allowed to insult people. I’m not one of you has personally insulted", – said the head of state.

In Belarus, August 9 presidential elections, Lukashenka is running for a sixth term.