Museums throughout Russia are making efforts to show that their funds have a collection worthy of attention, and it’s not just art galleries. Here are a few projects created by our Museum workers.

On the Museum’s website c 130-year history of the compilation of exhibits from collections of Meissen porcelain, posters, painting, sculpture. Here you can see the personal belongings of Krasnoyarsk Dmitry Hvorostovsky and watch his videos with the performance of the best arias.

In the section “History of one exhibit” on the first page of the site – dozens of this video. Scientific staff talk about healing first-aid kit, a revolutionary weapon, the dishes of the restaurants of the 19th century and even medical ticket of a prostitute.

the Innovative approach of the Museum to view its collection can be assessed, barely logging in. On the first page, “History of firearms and bladed weapons of the XIV century to 1945”, click on the icon of the Museum building, and then say, – in section “prior to 1924,” and then – “Carabiner shock-silicon”. And just spin the mouse wheel and gold inlaid rifle the 19th century spun in front of you on the large and average plan in 3D. Here it is possible to collect, analyze, learn its history and even shoot. And then go to the gun Smith to Wesson, AKM.

the Online activities of the Museum in Vladivostok is concentrated in social networks. There is already out a video guided tour of the exhibition “Italian collection” from the collection of the Museum’s permanent exhibition “Russian art XVI – XX centuries” and the Russian avant-garde.

Know-how – home videos of employees talking about their favorite pieces of the collection. Created an Art gallery blog, which laid out the whole stories about her beautiful masterpieces. Collections are constantly replenished.