For actor Liam Hemsworth (“Independence Day: return”) was 2019, a tough year. He lost his wife (divorce from US singer Miley Cyrus), he lost his house in Malibu (it burned walls in October, to the ground). In addition, he lost a kidney stone. That was a relief. Up to the time of Operation it was “one of the most painful weeks of my life,” he revealed to the US magazine “Men’s Health”.

The cause of Hemsworth (30), younger brother of “Thor”actor Chris sees in his diet. Four years Hemswoth was an avowed Vegan, and went to the information well. “I feel Positive both mentally and physically,” he said in 2015, the magazine “Men’s Fitness”. In 2016 he was even of the animal rights protection organization PETA’s “Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity” is chosen.

more Painful change of heart

Last February, a then put the change of heart – and it was a painful. “I felt flat and lethargic.” Then the pain came. It is a kidney stone was found. “I had to cancel the promotional tour for the Film ‘Isn’t It Romantic’.” Instead of an interview trip, went directly to the hospital on the operating table.

The Doctors told him that his kidney stone was caused by too many Oxalates in their diet. These substances are found in many vegetables, including spinach, almonds and potatoes. As it fell to the Australians as well as shed the flowing hair, Because the Doctors cited quasi-his dining plan. “Every Morning, I ate spinach five handful, and then almond milk, almond butter, and some vegan protein in a Smoothie.”

It was a painful but healing experience for Hemsworth. He presented his diet. Concrete tips, he does not want to give. “I follow a lot of various concepts, reading and watching a variety of health Videos. But my best tip is: everyone must find out for themselves what is Best for him.” Veganism, so much seems to be clear, it wasn’t for Liam Hemsworth.

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