Who to Corona or, more generally, immunocompromised, should containing his Laundry with a bleaching agent, Full or universal detergent for cleaning.

these are usually cleaning products in the Form of powder, granules, beads or tablets, explains Washing, the Forum. This Form of the detergent has a higher cleaning power compared to the liquid products.

wash at at least 60 degree wash

in addition, the experts advise to use a program with a minimum of 60 degrees. But in some modern machines a Problem: Because these temperatures are not reached by the gladly used – saving and Eco-programs.

the short programs are not recommended. And even if the programs have information, the appropriate temperature will not be reached according to the forum, always Wash from all devices.

Who play it safe would like to, should use, therefore, programs with names such as intensive, Hygiene or Anti-Allergy.

but they are suitable only for substances of which the fibres can tolerate that too. Such as cotton or Polyester included.

The cleaning experts recommend all that do Ill, the Laundry, the hands Clean after coming into contact with the clothes.

Background: more Generally, in the healthy house high washing temperatures.

The Laundry detergents are now so good and the washing machines so sophisticated that they create at much lower temperatures, the General dirt and many stains.

Normal Laundry can therefore be good at 30 or 40 degrees, clear and clean – it also saves electricity costs.

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