the Party of Communists of Russia has demanded to check the TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak in touch with foreign intelligence.

the Suspicions against teledive the Communists arose after her last detention in the Lubyanka, where she was involved in a single pickets in support of Ivan Safronov, a former employee of “Kommersant”, adviser to the head of the Russian space Agency, the FSB is suspected of treason.

Executive Secretary of the Central Committee of the party Sergey Malinkovich reminded that Safronov FSB suspects in connection with the exploration of the Czech Republic.

“Activity Sobchak in that case … may indicate her performing someone else’s job” – said the politician.

It indicates that she may not be evidence of innocence Safronova, because the output on picket very risky “can go wrong” if the court finds him guilty.

“Maybe Sobchak itself had something to do with it (espionage) activities, continues reflections politician. – Then we can talk about the intelligence group”.

In this regard, the Communists of Russia asked the FSB to examine the whole of Sobchak’s biography, starting from childhood, to count how many times she visited the Czech Republic and what was done, and “if she owns the Czech language”.

“the Test is worth it and husbands Sobchak” – says milinkovich.

Sobchak commented on these statements briefly: “a New level of hell from the Communists.”

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