At Huawei over the processors for the production of smartphones. About China Info 100 said a top Manager of the Corporation, Richard Yu (Richard Yu), according to the Associated Press.

The production of chips from Kirin will stop on 15 September, the contractor, Huawei, has stopped taking orders from the Chinese company on may 15. “We have no processors, no organized supply,” said Yu. According to the representative of Huawei, this year the Corporation will release the latest generation of Champions, based on their own Kirin processor. “This is a big loss for us,” summed up Richard Yu, stressing that the relationship between Huawei and Kirin ended because of us sanctions.

The top Manager also suggested that this year the company will release fewer smartphones than in the previous year. According to the AP, then under US sanctions since may 2019, Huawei has implemented more than 240 million devices worldwide. The representative of the deprived processors Huawei did not explain how the company will act in a crisis.

Taiwan Kirin company stopped taking orders for the production of processors from Huawei in may, the reason was the prohibition by the Ministry of Commerce of the United States. In February, the us authorities imposed new restrictions under sanctions from the companies. In particular, under the new rules, using American technology to foreign companies are not permitted to work with organisations included in the sanctions list of the USA.