Most ice cream flavors contain cream and milk. The prices for it go up and up. Many ice cream parlors have to raise their prices significantly again. FOCUS Online says what the ice cream costs in your city and what the price trend looks like.

At the end of last year, ice cream parlors had already announced price increases of 20 cents for each scoop. The blockade in the Suez Canal was to blame. Ships with resources could not be unloaded. Given the larger volume, there was a lack of sea containers and drivers. That also slowed down logistics in Germany.

The situation has now worsened due to the Russian war in Ukraine. In many cities, the scoop of ice cream cracked the 2 euro mark. The ice cream parlor around the corner is becoming a luxury, especially for families.

According to a Statista survey, a scoop of ice cream cost over 1.85 euros in 2021 in the major cities of Stuttgart, Berlin and Leipzig. In Cologne, the ball was 1.50 euros, in Hanover just under 1.30 euros and in Bielefeld under 1.10 euros. Munich was the most expensive ice cream city. Here the average ball was even 2.10 euros. The nationwide average was 1.47 euros.

The price will increase in 2022.

In Munich, ice cream parlors charge up to 2.20 euros for a scoop of ice cream (organic sorbet passion fruit or pistachio white sesame). The classic stracciatella ball costs more than two euros. A family of four pays more than eight euros at the ice cream stand. On average, ice cream parlors have raised their prices by 30 cents. Sundaes or spaghetti ice cream were sometimes up to one euro more expensive. In Cologne, the sundae cost between 7 euros and 11.50 euros.

The average price per ball could rise from 1.47 euros to over 1.70 euros in Germany, experts said on request. That would be an increase of almost 17 percent.

Ice cream has not only become more expensive in the supermarket. Ice cream shops have to pay more money for milk, cream, raw materials, packaging, manufacturing and refrigeration. They are therefore recalculating and relying on price adjustments of up to one euro. As a result, the ball is twice as expensive in many places as it was last year.

Raw materials are now almost 40 percent more expensive, packaging causes – calculated per sphere, additional costs of up to 30 percent and calculated per sphere, the energy costs are ten percent higher than in the previous year.

The food industry expects milk and sugar prices to increase in the coming weeks. That will automatically lead to another adjustment.

Despite the high prices, you don’t have to do without ice cream. Ideally, treat yourself to ice cream from the ice cream parlor less often and rely on homemade ice cream. In this case, you also know what’s in the ice. The production is not expensive. On average, you can provide your family with delicious ice cream for several days – and for less than five euros. It is cheaper if you use seasonal fruit.

For a fruity strawberry ice cream you need strawberries, whole milk, cream, sugar and some lemon juice. Place the measurements in a freezer container and place the ice cream in the freezer or chest. There are freezer containers for ice cream in all sizes and designs (for example at Amazon).

Stir the ice cream once every 30 minutes for the next three hours to prevent ice crystals from forming. If the ice cream is not firm enough after two hours, leave the ice cream in the freezer for another two hours.

It’s even easier if you use an ice cream maker. The best devices and what you need to pay attention to when buying, read on CHIP Online.

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