Recall that the presidential elections were to be held on may 10. But, since March 20, the country has a regime of the epidemic, and to send to polling stations by 30 million poles in this point it would be too risky, the authorities wanted to make the vote remote. However, the relevant amendments to the electoral code are “stuck” in the upper house of Parliament, and was adopted just three days before the election. For such a short time to prepare for the first in the history of modern Poland postal ballot, of course, impossible. That is why I made the unprecedented decision not to open polling stations on may 10, and when the State election Commission shall declare elections failed to announce the date for a new vote. Meanwhile, the epidemic situation in Poland began to improve, and the country gradually began to relax the restrictive measures. I touched it and the electoral code. The Parliament passed and the President signed last Tuesday a new document, according to which the upcoming elections will be “mixed principle” – with the organization of polling stations, and in quarantine and everyone is in the mail.

In accordance with the adopted document, in order to vote by mail, the voter will need no later than 12 days before election day, and the poles abroad – within 15 days, inform the representative of their electoral Commission. Those who are on mandatory quarantine, or sick at home or in a medical facility, you must notify the election Commission about his participation in the remote voting over five days or two days – depending on when the voter was obliged to isolate themselves. In addition, it was decided that in the event of a serious deterioration of the epidemiological situation in any part of the country, the State Election Commission on the proposal of the Ministry of health submitted to the electoral Commission no later than one week before the date of the election, to be held in this particular area only post elections. All who intend to vote by mail have until June 26 – that is, two days before the date of the election is to throw the envelopes before the ballots in mailboxes. On Sunday, June 28 across the country will open polls. From 7:00 to 21:00 there will be able to vote, voters there will take the envelopes with ballot papers filled by employees of the postal service of Poland, and those who will decide to transmit an envelope received in the mail a ballot on their own or through proxies. the President’s Signature under the document, containing all these rules, allowed to give the green light to re-start the election campaign.

Wednesday morning at a briefing in the lower house of Parliament speaker elżbieta Witek said, “Appoint elections of the President on Sunday, June 28, 2020.” According to her, the electoral Commission supported passed by legislators and approved by the President elections. With her speech and announcement of the election date in Poland start of the election race. It is expected to be very rapid. The fact is that since may 10 elections did not take place through no fault of the registered candidates automatically become candidates for the new elections and begin campaigning. But those who decides to nominate his candidacy now will have until June 10 to collect the necessary 100 thousand signatures of voters. Among them – the candidate from the largest opposition party “Civic coalition” – the successor who ruled in Poland from 2007 to 2015 “the Civil platform” Rafal Trzaskowski. Originally – in February – the party nominated as candidate for Deputy speaker of the lower house of Parliament Malgorzata Kidawa Blansko. Pani małgorzata is an experienced politician, besides the great-granddaughter of the President of Poland Stanislaw Wojciechowski (led the country in the years 1922-1926) and Prime Minister Wladyslaw Grabski (led by the Council of Ministers in 1923-1925). It is not only a politician, but also a producer, the wife of world famous film Director in 2010, was the official representative of a campaign headquarters on the election victory of President Bronislaw Komorowski. Then she said in an interview with “RG”: “Victory brought new tactics: we have renounced the massive advertising, from billboards and focused on direct communication with voters. Not only Bronislaw Komorowski traveled all over Poland, traveled thousands of miles, but our volunteers in 20 buses travelled to the regions. In the first round they toured 500 cities in the second – a little more.” The same tactics Kidava-Blonska obviously wanted to use this time, but after the announcement of the regime of the epidemic, this plan had to be abandoned. The country could travel only one candidate – the incumbent President Andrzej Duda, who is allowed his official position. March 29 fundamental Kidava-Blonska announced the end of his election campaign and urged poles to boycott the elections on may 10.

According to the survey research center of Ipsos, her call was listened 73 percent of the voters of her party, and vote for it was no one. Due to the departure from the scene of the majority of voters of the opposition, by the beginning of may vote for Kidavo Blansko planned to give only 2 percent of poles, and the current head of the state – 63 percent. It meant unconditional victory of Andrzej Duda in the first round. Therefore, the party “Civic coalition” decided to take the opportunity to replace the candidate. The choice fell on the young charismatic mayor of Warsaw for Rafal Trzaskowski. Now he has to enlist the support of a hundred thousand�� poles. But, most likely, to the difficulties that will arise. In 2018, at the election of the mayor of Warsaw voted for by more than half a million of Warsaw. It is expected that he, as well as independent candidate Szymon Hołownia, will be the main rivals of the incumbent President. In the latest survey of the centre IBRiS published June 3 in the journal Politykа, to the first day of campaigning for Andrzej Duda intends to vote, 41 percent, for the Rafal Trzaskowski 26 percent for the Szymon Holownia – 12 percent of the poles.