Exams in college can be incredibly stressful. Late nights studying, way too many cups of coffee, and pouring over lecture notes with illegible scribbles you made during class but now have no idea what you wrote. We have all been there. Sometimes the results of these study sessions are great! We ace the test and take a deep sigh before we move on to the next. Other times we fail miserably. We blank during a question we swear we know the answer to or simply run out of time while we stare at the test helplessly. It does not need to be this way. The answer is college practice exams online. Let’s talk a bit more below about how to practice exams can lead to better grades. We will also discuss one of the best websites out there for online courses designed to help you ace your test, Wize.


So You Want Me To Take A Test, Before A Test?

It may sound counterproductive to take a test before taking a test. Shouldn’t you just be spending that extra time studying? There are several advantages to taking college practice exams. Below are five of them:

  • Identify gaps in knowledge – Practice exams help you flush out what you are not remembering and need to study more.
  • Calm your nerves – You can avoid test anxiety by taking a practice exam with an idea of how the exam may look.
  • Make the information stick – By putting the answers down on paper before the actual exam, you get to read them through and cement what you know.
  • Retain information – The more you have to dispense your learned knowledge, the more likely it stays in your mind and does not disappear.
  • Get your timing down – Knowing the length of time you have for an exam and taking a practice test will help you fine-tune the time you can take on each question.


Are Some Practice Exams Better Than Others?

The answer to this question is an easy yes. You want to make sure you are taking college practice exams tailored to your exam at your college. Here is where websites like Wize can be a game-changer. Wize offers prep tailored:

  • By educators who are masters in making complex concepts seem simplified.
  • To curate lessons and practice exams for the exact course at your school.
  • In guiding students to foundation understanding, not just quick fixes.


All of their “Wize Profs” are experts in their respective courses. They have helped over 100,000 students and helped 98% of their students go up a full letter grade. That is an impressive jump! If you are going to take the time to incorporate practice exams into your regular study sessions, be sure to make sure you are using a website integrated into your high school or university’s curriculum. The grades you will see on top of your exam will be well worth the time invested in taking a test before a test.