across the country Today begins the most important stage for the graduates pass the Unified state examination (use). July 3 ahead of the first test on geography, literature, and Informatics. In the capital of the exam you plan to take learned from graduates of 2019 how to pass the exam on 100 points. They were able to enroll in prestigious universities of the capital, and now share the secrets that helped them prepare for and successfully pass the exams.

a Student of First Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov

Alexander graduated from high school on the Yauza. She passed the exam on Russian on 100 points and entered the Department of biotechnology sechenovskiy University. In the future it is going to act in a magistracy on the specialty associated with genetic engineering.

to Prepare helped her school teachers, but most of the time the girl was alone. Most importantly, she said, is plan preparation and not to forget about the rest.

Preparing for the exam, Alexander was hoping for a good result, but when I found out that received the highest score, at first did not believe.

“at First I thought it specified the maximum result that can be on the exam, but not mine. But when I realized it my scores, very happy,” she says.

Graduates who have yet to pass the exam, advises Alexander not to worry. Speaking about his experience, she said that the day before the exam apprehensive. But here already the girl was able to calm down: “When I came to the exam, I realized that everything is ready and all the repeated. I sat at the table, opened the option and realized that all my best“.

Student of Moscow state technical University named after N. Uh. Bauman

100 points on computer science Alexey, the graduate of school No. 641 name of Sergei Yesenin, were not the first time. The results of the test work were much more modest, so he, as a real programmer started to look for errors, problem areas and concentrated on them.

He also added that, to grasp the curriculum and to work independently.

in addition, need — this will help not only in exams but also in life. You should start to visit colleges to which you want to act to communicate with people who have similar views. The main thing is not to stop if something does not work.

Alex advises not to neglect the rest. You need to do at least small breaks between classes. Easier to absorb new material with a fresh mind.

Lessons from home: how to study and prepare for the exam remotely

Alex confesses that, despite the hard training, do not expect to collect 100 points on computer science, although such thoughts after the exam was. “Preparation for examinations.Maine for me was a matter of honor, and the most important thing — faith in yourself and self-discipline. Of course, the news that I got the maximum score, caused a storm of positive emotions. The first thing said about the parents that also for me was genuinely excited,” he recalls.

Today, Alexey is studying in “University”, faculty “applied mathematics and Informatics” from the University should go a mathematician-programmer.

a student of the Higher school of Economics

Gregory scored 100 points in two subjects — mathematics and physics profile (and even passed the Russian language on 98 and computer science at 91 points). High math young man was sure was on all the mock exams he scored more than 90 points.

“In physics, neither trial exam, I wrote more than 75 points. I think the result turned out in the end, is a consequence of the fact that I managed to concentrate and avoid the huge number of careless mistakes”, — he told.

last year, Gregory graduated from high school № 315 received on the exam results allowed him to enroll in the graduate school of Economics at the faculty of mathematics. Preparing for exams, his emphasis on self-training. Gregory believes that a good result on the exam is enough going to school, training and conscientious execution of tasks.

the Secret training that Gregory continues to use and in student life is to good to learn the material, need to talk to someone else. If no one is around to tell you himself.

Gregory also advised before the exam to try to distract and unwind. This will help to avoid unnecessary anxiety.

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