because of the decline in Bank interest rates, investors have begun more actively to market the securities. So, the number of customers for brokerage services and trust management has grown for January-March, respectively, 18% and 14% (to 5 million and 390 thousand persons). The bulk of new customers to trade on the stock exchange attracted by the banks themselves.

learn how to start investing in the stock market to quickly not to be disappointed, said “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” investment strategist “BKS the Prime Minister” Alexander Bakhtin.

1. Don’t invest last savings

you should First verify you have a minimum of a “personal reserve Fund” in the amount of three to six monthly income. This year the situation with the pandemic proved how important it is for households to have such a reserve that in a situation of force majeure to keep the possibility to maintain the customary standard of living, maintain the required payments, and so on.

2. Beware of solutions under the influence of emotion or excitement

the Money love the peace of mind and cold calculation. For example, if you bought shares, and the next day they slipped, but at the same time your horizon more than a year, selling them completely inappropriate.

3. Start from financial goals

part of this personal investment strategy can serve as a personalized financial plan. The amount of investment, the desired time to achieve objectives, investment profile, and other parameters that are reflected in it, allow you to pick a set of instruments that will be projected to hasten the achievement of the goals of the investor, its composition, if necessary, will be regularly adjusted. If, for example, to talk about “long” investment of three years, the current prices on many stocks of the largest Russian companies were interesting to buy for a long time.

4. To study the spectrum of opportunities for private investors

As a rule, shares in private portfolios are balanced more conservative instruments, which include government bonds, corporate bonds trusted, gold. In addition, the recent widespread turnkey solutions for private investors, including beginners structured products with full capital protection. Even with conservative protection they are able to produce results much more interesting in comparison with the average rates on deposits. In fact, the structural product with full capital protection is a way to join the stock market for beginner, investing, for example, in the action, but to fully protect themselves from the risk to lose funds.

5. To enjoy tax benefits

the Purchase of securities, investment products can be more profitable through the use of tax��o incentives for private investors. In particular, the Russian shares and other issued in Russia financial instruments you can buy on IMS (individual investment account) to obtain, subject to simple conditions a tax deduction in the amount of up to 52 thousand rubles a year in addition to the result of the investment.