“The perfect Lickjob”, “how to find YOUR G-spot,” “your way to the squirt-master in ten steps” – the net is full of guides that tell you how to edit the female body in the most effective, to give your dream girl the Sex time of your life. In principle, it is always welcome to, if Inspiration, enlightenment and the imparting of technical Know-make How to each other. But what is with you? With the needs of your body?

of Course, every woman has to read through 20 in their life at least ten Blow-Job counselor, but that’s where it ends but also already. So, how the female body is not only out of a Vulva, and two Breasts, also has a men’s Body so much more than “just” a tail. We talk about her ass!

Right, and I want you to the Booty. Or I would like to give you today some sexual Alternatives to Oral or intercourse with your partner, where YOU are the focus. And the Po is ideal.

is A tongue of the Finger is preferable to

In our anal area has many nerve ends, which make us particularly sensitive to stimulation. It is a big difference between a rough fingertip drilled in the input, or a wet, delicate tongue, knock, ask your Girlfriend.

Which brings us to the so-called Rimjob or Rimming. So we call people from the adult industry, the Licking of the Polochs, as well as the Penetration with the tongue in the same. Ass licking feels top, as you can ALL the questions!

Now, especially heterosexual men, the anal Treatments are not in your own body used to often have problems, if the Favorite goes to the body’s own South pole, and there diligently loszüngelt. But I assure you it is worth It, if you want to get involved. Give it a try.

If you like it, to be rimmed, you can go to your Dearest one step further. I say: Finger in Po, Mexico. Uh-oh. I can feel your discomfort up to this point. Rightly so, because it seems to me to be a bad habit to push the sexual partners without any warning the Finger in the Butt. Straight women do often like. Because we have somewhere read, that we reach the G-spot of the man. So we finger cheerful, while the procedure endure. Man wants to be a party-pooper.

please Allow me a small digression: Unsolicited, in body openings, penetrate, is a No-Go, regardless of whether the intruder is a man or a woman. Especially in the case of touches in the anal regions, the shame is often too large to be able to enjoy. Therefore, If what does your Tinder Date or your wife there with you, doesn’t feel right, say that loud and clear, you don’t have to be ashamed of.

The orgasm of your life

Back to the male G-spot, also known as the prostate. It is the goal of the Fingereien of your loved one, would like to give you something: A prostate massage.

The prostate or prostate gland produces a Secretion that pimp your sperm and viable power. And you can provide the orgasms of your life.

The male G-Spot is located directly behind the testicles, about 5 to 7 inches in the Anus on the anterior bowel wall, in the direction of abdominal wall. A your partner a Finger and bends this slightly so that it shows with the lower side towards the belly, you can the gland feel. Now you should exert light pressure on your G-spot, until you get used to the feeling. Then the pressure will vary. Advanced can also introduce two fingers, and then the gland to massage it.

Pro-Bonus tip 1: to Masturbate you during this very special Massage. Your orgasm will be powerful. Professional Bonus tip 2: never Forget the lube! Anal lubricants provide moisture and relaxation. Professional Bonus tip 3: ask you in the Sex-Shop of your confidence to the prostate Toys. Pretty sexy Upgrade.

There are other variants of the prostate Massage, but we’re first on the Basics. I’ll tell you another time.


Mimi is Erhardt Sex-blogger (mimiundkaethe.com) and the author of the book “experience of pornography”

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