Football fans have plenty of differences depending on which team they support, but there is one thing that most of them share, and it is the willingness to buy shirts marking major occasions or supporting their favorite players. However, before you can actually buy any, you need to find them, and that means knowing where you should start looking.

Choosing Safe Online Sellers

One of the biggest risks involved with trying to find vintage Manchester United shirts is choosing a safe place to buy them. Scams can turn up anywhere, any time, and football kits are unfortunately a market that some counterfeiters have started to invade as well. Even without fake kits, you could also end up paying money to somebody who has no intention of giving you anything in return.

Treat it like any other internet transaction – be safe, be smart, and never buy something unless you are absolutely sure that it is a safe seller that you can trust. Ideally, you should use some secure payment method as well. No retro Man Utd shirt is worth putting your own bank account at risk, especially if you are already transferring over more money than you probably should be.

There are some online marketplaces that make it very easy to find classic kits like this, and they often have their own vetting process to make sure that people are not just submitting fakes or trying to create multiple listings for items that they are not actually going to sell.

Search for the Kit You Want

Be sure to specify the exact kind of kit that you want when you are searching for it. If you are not that familiar with a lot of the kit names, then you can try to add descriptors like “black retro Manchester United football shirt” to try and narrow things down or look into sites that list all of the team’s past and present shirt designs.

The more specific you can be, the more likely you are to find listings for the exact shirts you are interested in. This also makes it a bit easier to avoid generic scam listings that are auto-generated or thrown together to make quick sales from people who do not know any better.

Remember that a lot of kits can look the same, so knowing the year (and whether it was an away or home kit) makes a big difference. This speeds up your search and makes it a lot easier to know that you are not buying the wrong thing – the differences between one season’s home kit and the previous season’s home kit could be something as small as an extra stripe or a different internal label.

Compare Prices

Unless you are buying retro Manchester United shirts from an official source, then there are not really any set prices on what you will be expected to pay. This is one of the harder parts of the process: finding the best deal without going so low that you enter scam territory, something that is very easy to do if you are not thinking about what you are doing.

For example, if a shirt generally goes for $60, then a seller who is offering it for $25 is either scamming or does not know the value of the shirt they are trying to sell. This is even more of a concern if the shirt is a recent one, and especially if it is the current one that the team is using since prices do not generally drop until that season is over.

Remember that some shirts may be more valuable than others due to player names, the events they were involved in, or even just being an iconic one-off design. The home and away kits may also vary in price depending on how different they are, and there are other times where nobody can really agree on a price for an older kit that does not get noticed very often.

What Now?

If you are still looking for a classic Man Utd shirt, then there is nothing to do but start hunting. Even if you are not really sure what you are looking for out there, the market for football shirts is huge, and that means that you will be able to find something suitable eventually. Just be sure to stay safe with your purchases and avoid scams or fakes since they can be almost anywhere.