to donate plasma to help seriously ill patients cope with COVID-19, even easier. To sign the surrender of plasma recovered from coronavirus citizens can now use the app “My Moscow”.

a Fence of donor blood is still held in four locations in Moscow — at the blood Center named after O. K. Gavrilov, research Institute of emergency care named after N. In. Sklifosovsky clinical hospital № 52, and municipal clinical hospital named after M. P. Konchalovsky.

As noted in the health Department of the city of Moscow, the transfusion of plasma antibodies to coronavirus infection is one of the experimental treatments for patients COVID-19 in the absence of the vaccine. In Moscow it is used from the beginning of April. 2.5 months method has proved its high efficiency. With it, the probability of being in intensive care is reduced by 63% among moderate patients. And the chance of recovery of critically ill patients who receive plasma, increases by 19 percent.

“the Blood recovered from the coronavirus of patients contains antibodies to the disease, so it can be used for the treatment of patients with a new infection. The technology has been tested in several medical institutions of the city of Moscow and has shown its effectiveness for use under strict medical supervision,” — said the chief transfusiologist of Moscow Andrey Bulanov.

For the record the surrender of the plasma using the app “My Moscow” must go to “Medical” and click “Start”. The chat-bot will prompt you to select from a list of services, which include a new item “donate plasma”. When you click on it you will see a message that the user recover from coronavirus infection can help other patients.

To donate plasma, you must report your intention by phone of the hot line. Button “Call” situated below, clicking on it will open the phone number of a hot line: +7 (495) 870-45-16 and re-tap to start the call. Operators work from 09:00 to 19:00, they will advise on all matters.

“a New feature in the app “My Moscow” was added for concerned users who want to help seriously ill patients. Now they do not need to look for information about how to become a donor Plaza. Just go to the app and make a few clicks to contact operators at the call center. They will answer all questions, check whether the person ill with the coronavirus infection, and suggest a convenient time to record in one of the medical institutions, where they take plasma donors”, — said the Deputy head of the Moscow Department of information technology the role of Maxim.

the Donor may be the person��age aged 18 to 55 years weighing at least 50 pounds, recover from coronavirus infection. He should not be contraindications to donation, chronic and infectious diseases. In addition, the donor must have the citizenship of the Russian Federation or to stay in the country legally for at least one year.

Previously, potential donors give analysis on the number of antibodies, and providing antiviral protection. They then undergo a medical examination and tests. Unless there is a contraindications and the results of determination of antibodies and demonstrate their presence in a sufficient amount, the donor is invited to donate plasma. The final decision on the admission of a potential donor is made by the doctor-transfuziolog.

on the day of delivery of blood it is necessary to have a passport, insurance or number. Preferably also the medical report of infection COVID-19 and the results of additional studies.

Since April, Sergei Sobyanin mounted plasma donors with antibodies to COVID-19 incentive payments in the amount of five thousand rubles for 600 ml of plasma. To learn more about the donation, to choose a convenient point blood donation, read the recommendations of what to do before and after donation, click here.

“My Moscow” is the official mobile app of the portal It was released in December 2018. Download it Muscovites can in the App Store and Google Play.

In the section “Medicine” available to the doctor and the vet, you can cancel or reschedule the visit. Also, there are sections of “Transport”, “My home”, “Contact centre” and others. With their help, users can check traffic police fines, to transmit the meter readings, to pay for utilities and learn the latest urban news, published on the portal

To date, the app “My Moscow” has been already downloaded over a million times.