as The discussion to one month’s salary, now at Anderlecht, it is still not resolved. The stumbling block appears to be primarily to the return of one-twelfth of the tekengeld for this holiday season. Vincent Kompany is trying to break the deadlock. The players and the manager will be the sum of those of you who tekengeld don’t want to fall out of their own pocket to pay for. This is also a way to see team mates on the finish line to pull out. Who wants to be the captain, let them pay for it?

at Anderlecht and has made the financially, are too wide, and the coronacrisis only makes it more difficult. Therefore, the team is already thrilled by it and wanted well-wishers-as a gesture of Vincent Kompany. Pure clubliefde sounds like it.

as Kompany does indeed have a heart for Anderlecht, but he’s in a difficult position. It was the player-manager of his team and convinced to get their salary for the month of april, however, when the players have the right to see the register, where people felt cheated. It was not clearly communicated that they will also be one-twelfth of their tekengeld for this season, it would have to give. Tekengeld is the amount you will receive at the time of signing of the contract, to be distributed over the life of the contract. And that while unemployment was at hand. Kompany has lost a little bit of credit, and that was between two fires.

He had the problems with the board, and yesterday he came with a new proposal. The return of the employees ‘ salaries in april, its group insurance and benefits-in-kind (except for the car) and could not be discussed. They were given the assurance that they are not technically unemployed, are going to be, but above all, the solution to the tekengeld leap to the eye.

for 500,000 euros?

Apparently, asked Kompany for that out of his own pocket, in order to compensate for all of those of you who have the premium and don’t want to lose. If the core doesn’t go into that story, the chance is very small, it can amount up to a maximum of € 500,000. Today, stitch clubs, and more and more tekengeld in the compensation because they had no insurance to pay for it. But for some players it is much more than the others. Remember, especially with the big contracts.

The Anderlecht players had to get over the initial shock, because the text left nothing to the imagination. “To you, the choice is yours. But for those who are holding on to the tekengeld, it is not inclusive.” In other words, who’s Kompany let it pay for it, and the finger is pointed. This noble gesture is therefore also a strategic aim. For those who will dare to take advantage of the leader, the inspiration, the Red-Devil?

you can have A truly free choice, there is no more to it, but it is still a risky move. It remains to choose, for or against, Vincent Kompany. If one of them rebels, that could be detrimental to the group.

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