“since the first of March and until today, it is impossible to abandon the idea that we are going through a severe test, – said Valery Gergiev. But, as I said to all my artists back in April, we will never be such a temporary space to do something new.”

According to the Maestro, he never spent much time in meditation, did not occlusive as many records and not familiar with the scores that have not been heard in our country, as in these months.

“I think we don’t really need to refer to bulky, too sad and serious works that go for 4-5 hours. But I’m pretty sure that in the near future more than 20 names from the world repertoire, which embraces French, Italian, German-Austrian and, of course, the Russian tradition, will be released in one form or another”, says Valery Gergiev.

no matter what, but rather in spite of the Mariinsky theatre prepares three new productions. Work has already begun on the Opera the maid of Orleans by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. It is symbolic that the Opera was at the Mariinsky theatre in February 1881.

Another impressive performance is Rimsky-Korsakov’s Opera “the snow maiden”. “This is a very ambitious work, and we will retain all of the originally intended scope: the rich sets and costumes (premiere was held in April 2020 – approx. “RG”). I hope the play, which put Anna matison from Moscow, will be successful,” said Maestro.

Also in the theater is planned to deliver the operetta of Johann Strauss “the Bat”. That is operetta, Valery Gergiev sees no problem, for it is music of exceptionally high quality.

“I think that “Bat” has long and rightly knocked at the doors of the Mariinsky theatre, and finally the knock even came to me,” he said.

the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic while you can only dream about, to play a concert on its stage. According to Alexander Kolotursky, the Urals went to isolation for a month and a half late, so by the usual life has not yet returned. The musicians were allowed to rehearse only on July 27. But August 1 they opened the season performances open-air in the parks of Yekaterinburg. There will be a total of 23 concerts.

“August 10, we will open the great festival of the piano. Five nights and five outstanding musicians who will perform in the open air, – shares plans Alexander Kolotursky. We’ve never seriously worked in open-air, build stalls 1,700 seats, but we were allowed to sell only 544 tickets.”

And Valery Gergiev and Alexander Kolotursky, in one voice say about the difficult financial situation, which turned out to musical theaters across the country.

the Mariinsky theatre of four billion roubles of extra-budgetary revenue from ticket sales, contra��tov and touring, this year the most optimistic projections can only count to one billion. And that’s the Federal theatre, one of the leading in the country. But, as assured Gergiev, each of 5000 employees gets paid on time. Supported the theatre in this difficult time and 65 soloists working under contract.

In an even worse state was the regional Philharmonic. Money with the support of the state suffices only for the salary. A Billboard is almost entirely transferred to the next year. The Sverdlovsk Philharmonic was forced to postpone 220 concerts.

“Just for the tickets we lost about 20 million rubles, and the total losses to the end of the year due to canceled performances and tours will exceed 48 million”, – says Kolotursky.

Individual impressive item of expenditure is to meet the health requirements of the CPS.

Now all efforts of the heads of theatres and concert halls are intended to bring the audience into the halls. According to Kolotursky, only 50 per cent of the audience is ready to buy a ticket, the others are afraid.

“Live chat with real art there is no substitute. So do not be afraid, come to concerts, and we will do everything so that it’s safe” – addresses the audience Alexander Kolotursky.

Ildar Abdrazakov is dreaming of a time when the public will again sit in the halls without a mask. Although the opportunity to go on stage, feel the energy of the living hall, to hear real applause is already true happiness. The Abdrazakov for the first time appeared on stage of the Mariinsky theatre on August 2 to perform the role of Attila.

“Before the rehearsal, the assistant Director warned us to keep his distance. And while rehearsing, it was possible. But during the performance, emotions were running high that we tried, the rules violated”, he admitted honestly. – When standing on stage in makeup and costume, plays a Symphony orchestra, live hear the applause and shouts of “Bravo” it’s an incredible feeling.”

Valery Gergiev added that no unexpected quirks of fate don’t have to scare us and stop. “It is impossible to hide. Let’s proceed with caution, but effective,” concluded the Maestro.