the Law “On rehabilitation of victims of political repression” was passed almost 30 years ago, was an act of justice towards the millions of people. He, in particular, States that rehabilitated the persons who lost their housing in connection with the repression have the right to return to stay in those areas and settlements where they had lived before the application of further repression. In the event of their return to their former place of residence, they and their families are entitled to priority for housing.

it took more than a quarter century, and those for whom repression collapsed in adulthood, almost gone. But left their children.

– do Not forget that the stigma of “enemies of the people” fell on the whole family and they were sent to the camps and colonies or orphanages special mode – emphasizes Tatiana Moskalkova. Therefore, in article 13 of the Law stressed that it fully applies to all without exception, members of families of the repressed, including children born in prison, in exile, expulsion or banishment.

the State can not turn back time and correct the tragedy, but the fact that it returns a debt to those who have been robbed of their childhood and crippled life, is a manifestation of the highest measure of justice.

But then something happened that turned inside the meaning of the law.

– the Authority to establish a mechanism housing compensation was transferred to the regions, – says Tatiana Moskalkova. – And they have established the rules of receipt and sent the children of the repressed in the General queue for social housing.

This position was challenged in the constitutional court, which demanded to change the law, after which he was sent to the Ministry for amendments. However, the amendment was made only one: that the children of illegal repression have the right to housing, “regardless of period of residence in the relevant area and (or) place of residence, property status and recognition of need of accommodation”. The procedure of obtaining property left in the responsibility of regional authorities, and it is again a “common queue”, in which the chances of getting the apartment are bleak.

– People simply will not live up to the housewarming, says the Ombudsman, because most of the “children of victims of repression” is already far for 70 years.

She emphasizes that at the stage of public discussion, the bill has not received any positive feedback, but scored a whopping 130 is negative.

Among those who are “against”, – the representative of the government of the Russian Federation in the constitutional court Michael Barshchevsky, the staff of the Institute of legislation and jurisprudence and many others. Including I – said Tatyana Moskalkova.

She, along with other “dissent” believes that the law is necessaryshould the regulations on the special procedure for providing housing to victims of repression – they have to allocate a separate queue or set a time limit, such as three years, according to which all victims should receive or apartment, or monetary compensation, and – from the Federal budget.

Any delay in the adoption of these amendments, in its view, unacceptable: otherwise it may happen that the law, designed to restore justice to the innocent victims, turn into its opposite.