New York City’s most beloved Fourth of July traditions have returned after a year of being lost to the coronavirus.

The Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Show will returnin its full glory with a spectacular display over the East River. Shells are shot from five barges and televised as a choreographed spectacle.

Crowds are welcome this year.

As part of a special two-hour broadcast on NBC, the show will air live. Prerecorded performances were recorded from across the country and broadcast live to live audiences.

Last year, due to pandemic restrictions there were a few shorter fireworks shows in days leading up to the holiday. The locations were kept secret in advance to prevent people from congregating.

Live audiences were able to witness the annual spectacle of gluttony, Nathan’s Famous July Fourth Hot Dog Eating Contest. Joey “Jaws”, Chestnut set a new record by eating 76 franks, buns and 10 minutes in the men’s competition. Michelle Lesco won the women’s title with 30 3/4 weiners and Buns.

It was not the same event as before. This year, the competition was held in Maimonides Park, a minor league baseball park, instead of at Surf and Stillwell avenues. The public was asked to register in advance for their free tickets.

However, last year there weren’t any spectators as Chestnut consumed a record 75 hot dogs and buns.

He stated Sunday that hearing from the fans helped him win.

“They kept pushing my. He said that they didn’t give in to me during an ESPN interview. It made me feel good, even though I was uncomfortable.

To celebrate Independence Day, all the landmarks in the state were to be lit in red, blue, and white from the World Trade Center’s tower at the center to Niagara Falls.

Governor Andrew Cuomo stated that “if the past 16 months have reaffirmed any thing, it’s how valuable life is and how vital liberty to our identity as New Yorkers or Americans.” Andrew Cuomo released a statement.