In Ghent this is the easter weekend, thousands of free packages of easter eggs and chocolates were given out. A little idea of the history of David, and who are homeless. “I wanted to be, the staff of the university hospital of Ghent, to thank, and the children in the pediatrics you’re.” The response was overwhelming: less than 18 tons of chocolate was inside.

“It’s like a fairy tale that has come true. This is something I would never have expected. A couple of weeks ago, I’ve just started to collect, and only using my cell phone, and distributing leaflets and posters. I went door-to-door shops. No one believed that I was thousands of packages would be able to collect. And look at it now.”

David, (60) that is moved by the lot of chocolate, summer chocolates, who on Saturday collected was in the centre of The Section, in Gentbrugge (belgium). He does not want his name in the media, but it was the staff of the city of UZ, thank – “these are the real heroes and to do something for the children at the children’s hospital at university hospital. “That will be forgotten during this easter season, in the solar corona,” says David. “I wanted to do something for them.”

” I had been technically homeless, and a four-month stay in a simple apartment and the City of Ghent in him to provide for it. “I am working as a volunteer in the area surrounding the hospital. Since I do the grocery shopping for the elderly, and bedeel I need to bring food for the social. But for now, I want to leave the university hospital of the year.”

as much as Seven tons of chocolate.

At the merchants in the neighbourhood took David’s more than 600 kilograms of chocolate, worth more than a thousand packages. However, the real breakthrough came when he was a Street-market into. In the headquarters, I was immediately, and seven tons of chocolate. Unbelievable.”

finally, The stack thickness is, ultimately, up to 18 tons of chocolate. “The day before yesterday, here is a truck arrived with three pallets full of chocolate,” says Marie Haspeslagh on Enchanté, which is an organization of homeless people and the poor help with free food, in the city of Ghent.

“We have to share the package of all kinds of organizations helping families, working people, mental health, young people, or those who are lonely at home.”

Photos: Enchanté

Tears in his eyes.

after David, his ultimate goal is to perform. Dressed up as a bunny can be a thousand packets are delivered to the children’s Hospital at the university hospital of Ghent, belgium. “This is the first time in my life when I was bunny to play,” he explains. “We have to run around in a New Gent, a deprived area in Ghent, ed.). No one could have expected that this would be so great.”

The collection of David deeply. “The most beautiful thing that I will remember is the fact that a 92-year-old lady and for me, personally, opbelde. She had a bag of eggs to bring from the bakery. She asked me if I wanted to come and pick it up for the children in the hospital. I’m personally going to get it and they handed it to me with tears in her eyes. All of the kids to make one great.”

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