Home buyers found it untouched since the beginning of the XX century secret room

In France, the couple bought a small house in the village Belabre in the South-West of the country and found in the walls of the walled secret room, untouched since the beginning of the XX century. This publication reports The Sun.

According to the owners, the place will remain untouched, but the room opens Museum of memory of a person and his family lived in the manor during the First world war.

purchased the house the new owners dismantled the brick, after which they opened a small bedroom with a preserved interior of the last century. On the wall hung a photograph of a young soldier, who lived here at that time.

Later it turned out that the photograph shows 22-year-old French army Lieutenant Hubert Rochereau died on 26 April 1918 in the battle in Flanders (Belgium). He was buried at the place of death in the village of Loker, and later, in 1922, the remains moved to the family estate. In addition, the man was posthumously awarded the medal of valor and courage. The family of a young trooper decided not to touch the bedroom — it was closed and bricked to preserve the memory of a beloved son.

In 1945 Rochereau moved from Belabre and left the estate to the French General Eugène Bridoux. He was aware of the secret of the old masters, and he tried to open a bricked-up room. With the beginning of world war II the area was occupied by the Nazis. In the early 1940s, General Bridoux became Minister of war Hitler’s army and after the defeat of the great German Reich fled to Spain. In 1955, commander sentenced to death, and all his property was put up for auction.

the House in France has acquired a granddaughter of the Breed and her husband, Daniel Fabro. They lived in it until 2014, keeping the secret bricked up room. Then the public became aware of this area: in particular, the newspaper The Guardian wrote about the local mysterious relic, after the last owners left the house.

the Building was empty for six years until, in January-February this year, it again purchased. The new owners did not know that several generations lived in the manor, kept and guarded the bedroom of Hubert Rochereau more than a century.