we would Like to stress that this is public information. I hope that the collection will include documents from American, British, French, German, Polish, Czech and other archives. The worldwide theme of world war II – the subject of a very careful General examination.

And if someone appears documentary, the arguments that it was not so, as we see, tell us about them. In the thirties and forties of the last century and even after the First world war was a very popular practice of publishing “white” and “black” books. Each country has published documents that explained its position. Now turn to our Polish opponents who claim that in response to Hitler’s proposal to expel the Jews from European countries to begin in Africa, the Polish Ambassador, Lipski wrote to his foreign Minister Beck: “I replied that if that happens, if it will be resolved, we will put him (Hitler) a beautiful monument in Warsaw” .

Refute these facts with documents. It is important that was published in the archives that will give us a new picture of how the war began. After all, the argument “you’re wrong, just because I don’t like” frivolous.

I think we have long passed the stage of perception of the past at the level of feelings and emotions, and not on the level of reason and evidence. Let us work together to study the past. The Russian President called for. History should be a subject of scientific discussions and joint respectful study, not political declarations. I would like to live. And the Federal archival Agency is the work to build up, systematically and consistently raskruchivaya the remaining (very small) part of the still inaccessible documents about the war.