the Tears rolled at the Mille, when she, as the first was opted out of maskinoperatøren from Brøns. But he has no regrets.

By inviting his four female dates at a good, old-fashioned sønderjysk coffee table got Henrik Løbner Andersen welcomed in a good way in his universe between Ribe and Tønder.

Here resident the 26-year-old machine operator a spacious etplansvilla with two bathrooms and a large garden in Brøns.

“It was very positive to meet the girls again. At the speed dating was speed over the field, but here there was more time and we could go quietly around,” Henrik explains afterwards to Realityportalen on top of the fourth section of the ‘Love where the crows turn’ on the TV 2.

Expectant glances revolved around the veldækkede board, but the good mood was interrupted, when he should opt out of one of the girls.

the Choice fell on the Mille, which he felt had opened up enough. And the tears pushed themselves in her eyes with her after the surprising message, in which she came to say goodbye with a loving hug.

“It was hard, and while she wept, it seemed the situation at the same time a little awkward for everyone else around the table,” explains Henrik.

“But I stand by my choice. I think I have done it right,” he says, now has three girls to choose from. Each in particular, he considers them as a favorite.

“So now I will try to find out what the girls have to offer. It is limited to how much I have been talking with them, so I will first go them on the blade to get to know them better in the section five. You can say that I have them, I would like to have, and then we shall see how it goes,” he says, are not really so nervous about the upcoming opt-out.

“Fortunately, it gets easier along the way, because I’m getting smarter on every single going forward,” he says.

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