Helicopters with ISIS militants has resumed flights in the North of Afghanistan

These actions occur on the background of the assurances of the official Kabul on the elimination of the main forces of the terrorist groups in Afghanistan and alleged “the absence of threats from its neighbouring States”. In addition, the Afghan authorities continue to assure the international community that the character of these threats “greatly exaggerated.”

meanwhile, conducted with a regular frequency of terrorist attacks, organized and carried out by militants “IG”, including a recent explosion at a Sikh temple in Kabul, which killed 25 and injured about 70 people, as well as the shelling by terrorists the us Bagram air base, suggest otherwise. According to experts, the adherents of the “worldwide Caliphate” in Afghanistan is not only eliminated, but are struggling to strengthen their positions and to expand the areas under their control. Against this background, the renewed flights of unidentified aircraft carrying the militants “IG” are additional proof of that. Any intelligible explanation for the mentioned flights from the Afghan authorities and the command of forces of the international coalition on these facts was not given previously and are not currently proposed. This fact, as noted by the interlocutors, suggests the intent of this position due to the fact that the Afghan airspace and all aircraft movements are still fully controlled by the NATO and Afghan aviation authorities.

this is a cause for special concern that the data is “unidentified flying” occur in the immediate vicinity of the borders of Central Asian countries that are close allies and friendly to Russia Nations. Convincing evidence of the intent of the terrorists to move their activities to the neighbouring countries of the Central Asian region is the attack of ISIS militants on a border Outpost in Tajikistan in November 2019. Two dozen terrorists, as stated in the national security Committee of Tajikistan, was trying to obtain weapons and organize attacks. Most were liquidated, and the rest detained.