Announced that the ganglia of this huge organism – the awards ceremony “Oscar” in 2021 was moved from February to end of April. With him there over ceremony-satellites “Spirit of independence”, “Golden raspberry”, the festival in Santa Barbara. Them hauled the old Europe: the ceremony of the BAFTA awards will be held April 11. In the middle of the spring moved pre – “Oscar” award of the American cingilli – writers, Directors, actors, etc.

the First beacons of the upcoming academic awards – festivals in Venice and Toronto, which always before anyone signal the presence of strong contenders, still not decided on the format of its implementation, and while there will not be lit screens first competition screenings, no one can say with certainty that they ever will be. Festival de Cannes – the most prestigious in the world – did not take place at all, and his idle is declared if and impressive, then only commit regrettable fact: the result of the subversive activities of feminists of the world festival movement before any of the pandemic has fallen into unconsciousness, losing the artistic criteria and replacing them with a circus trick of holding a gender balance. The most cautious Pythia have doubts that even the Berlin festival will be held in February 2021-th.

Cinemas almost all over the planet are closed, the hotly anticipated premiere has been postponed indefinitely, and as no dish cannot be heated indefinitely, and the appetites of the public from idle is noticeably dead. And many observers have doubts that the crowds will flood, as of old, to kinkasan, then to a two-meter distance from each other in a stuffy masks without popcorn and coke for two and a half hours to enjoy the blockbuster. And if there is a pandemonium that is not public, and within these blockbusters: they’ve aged like wine, and how wine can turn sour, and value are stacked in patch Prime devalued. “We don’t know…” – this phrase melancholy over almost all interviews sharks of the world movie business.

the Pandemic dramatically redistributed the location of the force on Kinomoto. For three months the public has become accustomed to the home screens, many were quick to improve, upgrade and managed to access their benefits. And streaming giants like Netflix, who are desperately fighting for a place under rolling and the festival of the sun, suddenly received a powerful head start, and now confidently stand on a par with film companies-the majors and even threaten to outrun them. Not accidentally, festivals and awards, which disgust avoided cheeky upstart, I hasten to include serial product in their programs. And it also radically changes the entire cinematic landscape.

Russian cinema since that fateful Mar��and generally disappeared from the human eyes and no signs of life. The most amazing is that apparently no one noticed. The first and the last major release, caught up in the pandemic, was Sputnik – fiction Thriller debutant Egor Abramenko: the Premier decided not to wait and touchstone have launched online. Where he disappeared without sediment. After watching his ignominious death, everyone else froze in fear and to justify themselves a regime of self-isolation, on the bottom left voluntarily. And all the traditional boats of salvation, supporting the domestic rent afloat, not operational: the Moscow film festival has been postponed to autumn, there evacuated June “Kinotavr” festival in Vyborg returns to its original deadline in December, and yet, emptiness and uncertainty.

against this background of intensified trade stream TV series, the authors have demonstrated a commendable promptness came the “epidemic” horror “When tomorrow comes” and comedic variations on the theme of self-isolation “Plague”. Like any story, designed for rapid the topic of the day, the weather they did and history will remain, but given the work the actors and smotrova mass audience. Consider it a warm-up before the decisive assault: if Hollywood majors reeling under the onslaught of Netflix, our deep and seriously ill the film industry (don’t call it the industry) who are unable to pay the tenth part of the expenditure, before any pandemic without a fight surrendered to the series. There moved best Directors and the most high-profile premiere, it was there earlier than anywhere else, can be reborn a full life.

the Pandemic has hung, if not obessmyslili state development projects rental. For example, the program of support of cinema in medium-sized and small cities of Russia was opened a few hundred new screens – they are all now closed, and the need for them no one is able to determine. While the court Yes business, demolished the famous Moscow art-house multiplex “the Nightingale”, Petersburg has lost the beloved “Satellite”, Omsk unnecessary on the verge of death “Saturn”, of the three most popular cinemas in the heart of Ekaterinburg – “Sovkino”, “Colosseum” and “salute” – recently closed last. Have proliferated multiplexes in shopping centers, but now is growing confidence that they are unprofitable and even dangerous – drama “Winter cherry” proved it. According to forecasts, many of them after the pandemic is not already open. And I have the feeling that if the world of the film industry, though at a loss, but trying to shovel during the storm, our obediently laid down their paddles and waiting for that all by itself. A problem requiring urgent solution, meanwhile, is only growing. Ended in a conviction “theatrical business” will add inspiration the guardians of the rules, but not artists, for all art is a violation of the rules, and while the legislation will not be able to take into account its specificity, every Creator at risk.

note that the current expectations, projections and the timeline regarding the movie based on blind faith that a normal life is gradually adjusted. We’re just afraid to assume that can come true and the worst assumptions of scientists – coming “second wave” of the pandemic, and it is still unknown whether it will be the last. Global catastrophe, in reality, turned out to be terrible ones we were frightened centresilky – not least because kinotrailer powerful hero has always saved humanity and we were sure of that from the opening credits. But in reality, not sure of anything no one, the role of strong characters are doctors and scientists trying to invent a life-saving vaccine, but it is clear that the enemy is no less inventive, constantly mutates and threatens to remain with us forever. And in this case – what the hell “Kinotavr” and even the sacred cow “Oscar”!

But let’s not the worst. Humanity received a terrible lesson, and while it’s not really up to the entertainment industry. She had some dope in the months of quarantine, people needed a distraction, and they found even some advantages in the opportunity to read, watch and listen. Now there was a new band: the country gradually let go of their citizens to breathe, to swim and to earn extra money, and the citizens again not up to the entertainment industry – they would provide the family the most pressing, they would save the outgoing summer, they would have to stretch my stiff muscles. Will have to come to terms with the fact that in the Duo bread and circuses now lead singer of the bread and circuses are not allowed even to sing along. And how long it will last, nobody knows. Revise “Hedgehog in the fog” – perhaps clearer.

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