a President Putin has published a thorough and intelligent article with his thoughts about world war II and the present. Knowing that Putin is almost the only world leader, freely and essentially outlining thoughts without papers, it can be concluded that if the presidential assistants and helped to write the article, the basic ideas and postulates were born in the light of Putin’s head. But you will hear West of the Russian leader?

Hard to say on time or not on time Putin decided to publish his article in a Washington magazine. On the one hand, this is done in anticipation of the sabre-rattling in the parade to be held on 24 June 2020 and that the impressive power of the equipment and personnel that will be demonstrated on red square, not scared to convulsions cowardly and non-belligerent Western, Eastern and southern partners, in advance Putin in his article assured the world community that Russia will adhere to the basic concepts of good, evil, veto power and aggression. But, on the other hand, many it be heard, read with understanding and subsequently comprehended such a long and informative essay?

the Arguments of the Week

America now does not have a case – coronavirus continues to rage in the minds and bodies of Americans, and the race issue stirred up their hearts. Black became even more hated whites, and whites respond to this strong sense of full reciprocity. And we need to understand what is in the mind of the average American, who studied at the school after the abolition of racial segregation in the 1960s. That is, the stuffed heads of two thirds of the population is the riddle of the Russian people, having in mind the Soviet or even not really Russian education. And in the minds of Americans thought about the war does not occupy any space. Them to just not care. America took an active part in the Korean, Vietnam, the two Iraq and Afghan war. And that’s not counting any of the brilliant operations of the capture of Grenada or the air-raids on Belgrade. If you ask the average American, especially the young, especially non-white, about the Second world war, you’ll, most likely, a lot of new: Russia fought on the side of Hitler, America has defeated Japan, and Germany, and Russia, but the wily Russian still contrived to throw two nuclear bombs on Japan.

If you ask his opponent, whether he was sure about his words, he will answer in the traditional false-embarrassed manner, "I think so" or "I believe so", which means "I believe". That is the truth in American minds, educated liberals on the ideas of open society and equality of diverse opinions no longer exist, it is judgments, the truth of which they are not sure, but I think they are so.

If in a book store or��you’ll get some luxurious satin with pictures about the Second world war, the first polciy will be devoted to the battle with Japan in the Pacific. Second polciy will be mainly about the allied landing in Normandy. And a little, as if incidentally, will be referred to the Red army – a purely auxiliary detachment in the wings of the allies, which had yet to be fed, shod and clothed, and at the same time excellent to arm with American weapons.

the Arguments of the Week

When in the 1970s, efforts of the Soviet producer Otar Teneishvili and American actor Burt Lancaster was made a 20-part documentary "Great Patriotic war" for the US it was called "The Unknown War" – Unknown war. And it was a well-chosen name, because thirty years later, this war nobody in the US knew and didn’t want to remember. The film shocked the Americans and reformatted their view of the world so much that it alarmed the authorities, and although the film was released in late 1978, and in 1979, it was removed from almost all television channels under the pretext that the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Some ideologues, justifying the behavior of the media establishment, explained that the film is tendentious, reflecting the Soviet point of view – and this despite the fact that the script was written jointly by Russian and American documentary filmmakers, and was fully adapted to the American mentality. Sterility American audience can only be represented by one fact – the word "Stalingrad" they have nothing conjured up, nor city, nor by battle, except some vague Association with Stalin. On DVD this film was released only in 2011, after seventy years after the war began. That is, for an American audience this is the event so far as the Civil war era of Abraham Lincoln or even the Punic wars.

the Arguments of the Week

of what the audience expects the author?

Selected journal The National Interest (national interest) comes out twice a month. Honorary chief – our old friend Henry Kissinger, in his 90 years and never get rid of the monstrous Russian accent, although he is a German Jew. And the publisher of the journal – the former great enemy of the USSR, and now a great friend of Russia Dmitry Konstantinovich Tzimmes, although his name began to write as Simis, and to say how symes. Mr symes in the distant seventies was, as said, Advisor to Richard Nixon; but then Nixon needed the advice of Dmitry when he was President, and only after Nixon’s disgrace was thrown out of the White house. Subsequently, the name Nixon was used to create a small laboratory on giving any advice, if anyone needed it – The Nixon Center, that is, the Nixon Center. Since most Americans do not remember who Nixon, the laboratory of 20 people was renamed the Center for the National Interest that the meaning would be more accurate if translated as the search Centre national interest. Accordingly, published the magazine "national interest" looking for the national interest. The Feature there is a competing firm – the magazine the American Interest, published by the same firm. Competitors hatched in Timashevska the centre and raised under his wing; the most perky from a litter of these woodpeckers from foreign policy, Francis Fukuyama, Professor of foreign Affairs and experienced thinker, made him a big name article "End of history", published in "National interest" in 1989 and made him such a star that it was talked about not only in Washington and Moscow, but even in Odessa, Zhmerinka and Berdichev, where, in fact, reach the roots of the founder and of the founder "National interest" Irwin Kristol. Fukuyama so charmed by the deceased Brzezinski that he helped in 2005 to bring the Feature and base with part of the rogue edition of the journal "the American interest".

Not to say that these magazines are wildly popular that it’s Playboy and Penthouse for those who are thinking about the place of America in the world. Data for the paper copies were not disclosed, but we can assume that no more than three thousand copies are sold through the bookstore chain Barnes & Noble, of which 627 across America differ in several hundred libraries and something subscribers. Read these magazines, mostly those who are there writes himself, University teachers, postgraduates, students, relevant government officials and all sorts prazdnikami. Imagine Donald trump with the magazine "national interest" is simply impossible. Here what advice was given Steve Bannon candidates for the following posts in the office of tramp "do Not read Trump lectures. He doesn’t like professors. He doesn’t like intellectuals. Trump is a guy who never attended classes. Never wrote notes. I never wrote anything down. Never listened to lectures. The day before final exams, he comes at midnight from the hostel, makes a Cup of coffee, takes your notes, memorize as much as you can, and at 8:00 goes and gets "satisfactory". And that’s enough. He is a billionaire".

the Arguments of the Week

From Moscow it seems that Russian speaking American heads in TVs, like the same Dimitri Simes, Ariel Cohen and Nikolai Zlobin, is indeed the head, in the classic sense that Chamberlain is the head. In the balance of power in the us political arena these distinguished speakers in the easiest scalescategory, such that they even impossible to find the enemy. In fact, no one is looking, because they are, it seems, is not interested in the United States. If they are unable to give a vote, it will be purely Advisory to the minus tenth degree. Rather listen to your man, such as flint-marine Robert McFarlane, who worked on the collapse of the Soviet Union in the administration of Ronald Reagan. The one who makes the decisions, will be speaking with those trusts. And so what happens, don’t matter, so something happens.

of And what message Putin has placed under your text?

The problem is that Putin is a native Russian man with neitralniy and nevidjeno conscience, despite the difficult daily work of big boss and sudebnom. And he wants Western people to do good, humanly, in all fairness. In the article, he delicately and inoffensive indicates that it is the Western countries were the instigators of the war, but the main hit was the third party of the Soviet Union, innocent postradali. Because Putin is a big boy, with two higher and a doctoral degree in Economics because he has been working in positions of responsibility, he is certainly not naive and ingenuous. Not for nothing two days before the publication of Putin’s article, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" published an article of the head of security Council Patrushev with a rhetorical question, they say, does Russia universal values. It may seem that we are talking about the US dollar, which is necessary and pleasant to all without exception, but the author takes the word "universal" in quotes. Patrushev writes about ethics and their generalizations becomes flush with Spinoza. The famous Dutch philosopher of ethics Baruch Spinoza lived in the Netherlands before the legalization of drugs and the promotion of sexual perversions. Patrushev, as Spinoza, Kant, and Hegel, supports the idea of the priority of the spiritual to the material. And this is the principal difference of Russia from the Western world, where spirituality has ceased to be in demand due to the growing popularity neomarxists ideas about the conscious reconstruction of society. Russia a hundred years suffered and tired of the deliberate transformation of traditional ways of life, and now the Russian state construction adheres to the unconscious self-arrangement, samorganizatsiyu of life in all strata of society. Patrushev, appealing to so close to each security officer concepts like benevolence, justice, honor, conscience, and faith in good and believes that these values came from the national body as a result of suffering and that now the main task of future generations will be their conservation and augmentation. This is absolutely the right idea because the West has gone the way of the blur of all layers of human identity – gender (including sexuality), nationalheating (to be a Caucasian is embarrassing), historical (history being rewritten on the fly), family role (family of lesbians raising boys, family, homosexuals raising adopted girls, ordinary families have no father and mother, and there are parent 1 and parent 2).

Meet now advanced and progressive Western people do not understand what it is. Are two. Not boys, girls, clothing unisex. Both somalienne makeup and tattooed. Both in earrings and body piercings, shoes with heels and platforms. Stand as the hinges seem that stoned. Smile both sweet, but the eyes are disturbing. Not gay, not transgender, not lesbian, or even some ubogonky. This is no joke and no exaggeration, it’s the wicked West the reality, this is shown as the role model for such a pricey luxury houses like Gucci for the coming season. Quite respectable publishing houses such as Conde Nast, published in Russia articles on quite a decent and respectable male habit how to put on makeup or to formalize their relationship with another man, if you suddenly realized yourself a fan of same-sex relationships .Being a homosexual is not only fashionable, elegant and progressive, it is also correct.

President Putin thinks about mankind it is good that they are people just like us. Whereas Western people think Russian President Putin something is catching up, writes about some war. What war? Who is it going to go? All painted up queers of the warring parties will throw bunches of violets, and then take each other prisoner three times?

And then Putin gives a signal – the red warning whistle. Allegedly, Russia has veto power, and Russia has the right not only to exercise this right, but also an opportunity. Therefore, it is done before the Victory parade, so those interested understand what was happening. That is this article – marking position, the marking of reference points and fire lines. The article Patrushev – a statement that Russia and the West at the bifurcation point chosen direction – to each his own, and from henceforth our ways. Russia will press the European values on its territory, because their acceptance will eventually lead to the loss of sovereignty, because if men to deprive the traditional role models, they become worse decorative poodles have aesthetes homosexuals. West castrates himself – that’s his business, but Russia will continue to adhere to their concepts of good and evil, and if someone does not like – even if there is a forest to the European court and writing complaints. And who will decide to climb here… But no climb. Sly Russia for twenty years, rearmed, and now even desperate suicidal for Russia will not come back and won’t even contact her. That is Putin’s article we can perceive as a big fat point in the endtional attainment of post-perestroika Russia of the sovereignty.