Located in Saint-Petersburg Military medical Academy named after S. M. Kirov is one of the oldest military educational institutions. For over 220 years here train doctors in uniform, conduct research and treat at the highest level. University know doctors all over the world. Many would like to learn the science of military field medicine here. How to get studies in the military College, “MK” was told by the ACTING head of the Academy major General of medical service Sergey Bunin.

Sergey, military doctors are often considered the elite in the medical business. Tell me why?

–Military medicine from the beginning differed significantly from civilian medicine. Doctors in uniform first tested and used all the most advanced and high-tech treatment, science and training. Plus – always ready to fight even with unknown diseases.

–As, for example, with coronavirus?

–Exactly! We, the military doctors, not only provided aid to the wounded during armed conflict, but also participate in the elimination of epidemics.

–In the fight against COVID-19 military medicine participated actively?

We quickly responded to the new challenge. Immediately, it adopted a set of measures to identify infection. For example, we began to deploy a special unit of doctors. That is the Military medical Academy, prepared curriculum and delivered training professionals for the new multifunctional mobile anticavity medical centers and hospitals.

–and Even other countries helped. For Example, Italy, Serbia.

–was assembled combined unit, which includes not only our physicians, but also military chemists and scientists. From our Academy were sent to seven medical doctors, epidemiologists and physician-hygienist. Was chosen best of the best: doctors of the highest category, all candidates of medical Sciences.

–Tell us about those who were there differ.

–All of our specialists have experience in a complex epidemiological situation. For example, Colonel medical service, Rustam Aminev took part in the elimination of outbreaks of anthrax in Yamal and Ebola in Africa.

two More of Colonel Alexei Smirnov and Mikhail Bokarev is our leading experts on organization of sanitary-anti-epidemic and preventive measures in the armed forces. The European trip also visited Sergey Svistunov and Alexander Usmanov both organizers work of medical institutions. And epidemiologists Viktor Kolesnikov and Konstantin Shipitsyn.

they were very popular during the most acute period of the epidemic of coronavirus in Italy and Serbia.

–Experience of dealing with the novel coronavirus will be useful in the training of military physicians at the Academy?

–Experience in diagnostics, medicalgovernance and rehabilitation of those infected with the coronavirus have yet to be analysed thoroughly. But now on the basis of recommendations of the Russian Ministry of health and own acquired experience have prepared and are added to the training program for new lectures, teaching materials. This will allow future doctors after completion of training to be ready to work in case of new epidemics.

–What high-tech novelties appeared in military medicine?

In modern military equipment is increasingly embedded device for remote monitoring of the physical condition of the fighter. These gadgets can help when searching for the wounded on the battlefield and helping him. The development of such devices connected and the specialists of the Academy.

Developing telemedicine technology. On the basis of the coordination Center for the medical support of the Ministry of defense around the clock is a remote telemedicine Advisory assistance. Here are just a few numbers: in two years, experts of the Academy conducted more than 2,000 emergency, urgent and planned telemedicine consultations, peer review of more than 5500 diagnostic tests.

–And this is also included in the system of education in the Academy of Kirov?

–of Course. Our multilevel system of training of future military medical specialist allows you to introduce modern technologies. For example, we were one of the first in the country introduced a system of so-called simulation training of doctors. We fully or partially replicate real-world clinical picture, with no accompanying risk to the patient. We call it “immersive”. Here’s an interactive simulator for future doctors in uniform.

What disciplines are represented in your school?

–First of all, the basic medical disciplines – pharmacology, medicine. In addition, future medical officers possess military-field therapy and surgery, learn about aviation, diving and space medicine, study of military toxicology. To learn the organization and tactics of medical service.

Cadets and students study and diseases that are rare in everyday life. But long experience shows that this knowledge often needed in combat or special conditions. During the same epidemics.

–And how the learning process?

–it depends on the specialty. For example, dentists and pharmacists are learning five years. Those who decided to link the fate of the medical-prophylactic business and organization of work of medical institutions – six.

In the educational process the emphasis is on the availability of educational materials and individualized training. The Academy has developed more than 300 e-textbooks. Funktioneruet electronic information-educational environment with a wide configuration of network infrastructure with remote education. This gives you the ability to access experts for e-learning resources directly at the place of service.

Cadets and students undergo practical training using the most modern technologies.

the Candidates and their parents are interested in the conditions of residence and study. Tell us how you live the students?

–the living Conditions of our students – some of the best. They live in a Dorm. In the room – for two people. Separate bathroom, shower, closet. Each – a comfortable place for learning. Available and necessary household appliances: TV, washing machine.

–whether the graduates to work not only in military medicine but also to become a civilian specialist?

why not? Graduates receive a diploma gosobraztsa, as graduates of normal civilian medical school. Many graduates of the Military medical Academy and occupied the high posts in the civil health care from doctors in major medical centers and hospitals to Deputy Minister of health. With our education and Ministerial chair.

But there is a peculiarity: after completion of training, soldiers enter into a binding contract with the Russian Ministry of defence for a period of five years.