Head of the laboratory in Wuhan rejected the accusations in the creation of coronavirus

MOSCOW, April 19/ Radio Sputnik. The head of the Wuhan Institute of Virology yuan Jimin in an interview CGTN said that there is no evidence of artificial origin, coronavirus.

the appropriate conclusions, the scientist came on the basis of their own understanding of Virology.

“Some scientists believe that for the synthesis of virus requires extraordinary intelligence and amount of work. So I will never believe that we humans are now able to synthesize this virus,” explained Jimin.

the Expert pointed out that the infection could not “emerge” from the Institute where he works, because the establishment of a strict system of control and management and employees act according to the regulations, conducting research.

yuan Jimin also said, whence could arise the assumption about the artificial virus, which supposedly can be related to the Chinese scientists.

According to him, people have an Association with the Institute of Virology and the laboratory of the BSL-4 is located in Wuhan.

in addition, Jimin recalled the accusations of U.S. Senator Tom cotton that a new type of virus emerged from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

He suggested that this could be done in order to throw people off, to prevent anti-epidemic activities or scientific activities of the Institute. Jimin explained that long ago is engaged in providing biological safety of the laboratory and knows that this could not happen.

on the Eve of the Sputnik radio reported that the government of China announced the Wuhan area is low risk.

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